I have gone from practical to dumb and squealy in about 30 seconds. I blame the Hunter.

Oh, it started innocently enough. I started a human hunter (the rationale being that I’m very familiar with the human starting zones and wanted to see how they had changed). I started out just keeping my starter-pet (a wolf) figuring that in the absence of knowledge about what the pets actually do, I might as well keep what I have.

Then I saw the Redridge Fox. It was so freakin cute. Don’t ask me what foxes do. Don’t ask me the relative advantages or disadvantages over a wolf. I have no clue.  I started squealing “OMG IT’S SO CUTE I MUST HAVE ONE LIKE NOW!!!” and ATT just looked at me like I was a freak.

Fortunately, I was to get the ability to tame a second pet in one level. If it had been many levels, I might have broken something.

It’s named “Box“.

I swear, I’m going to be the worst hunter on earth because I will be picking pets based on cuteness and end up with an attack bunny

I have officially lost my damn mind.


Hunter Alt Bringing out the Girly Side — 14 Comments

  1. As someone who can give you some useful information about hunters, here is something you may appreciate:

    I think you have 20 stable slots if you visit a stable master, even though you can only swap out two on the fly. Stable Masters are always located near hunter trainers and sometimes in other zones as well. Always keep at least one of your active slots open, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of a pet if you find a new one that you absolutely must have!

    • I tried stabling at first when I realized I couldn’t have another pet out. I went to the stable master and told her to take Barkimedes for grooming. No dice. Maybe I was too low level.

  2. I’ve noticed my hunter feels oddly more girly/squee-like than any of my other characters, too. She has a fox.

    There must be something about the cute-cuddly pets of mass destruction that makes us coo?

  3. If nothing else, you should tame the pets that make you squee. I tamed my white core hound because he was cute, not because he was the FOTM. Fluffy is a totally awesome pet, and useful, too.

    With the new pet skins, I went out and tamed a seagull, a parrot, and a color changing crab, the latter mostly because my daughter was busy squee-ing over how cool it was that it had little fangs and looked all “grrrr”, and I wanted to get there and tame one first. That’ll show that little 16 year old punk!

    Yes, I totally plan to level the seagull up to max level, and take it into PvP battlegrounds, and make it feast on the dead. It would only be better if it were a cute, fluffy bunny. Or maybe that butterfly from the Draenei area. Hmmmm….

    • I don’t think you can tame the stags or doe outside the draenei starting area. It would be nice to have Bambi kickin some ass.

  4. It was only a matter of time until my dorky squeeing over dinosaur pets infected the guild in some way. You are only the first to topple.

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  6. BOX! 😀 (do love)

    My new goblin hunter (which is the only thing I have let myself play as my last final is tomorrow at 8 am and then I have to spend two days driving home for Christmas) named her starter crab Rangoon, got a hyena and called him Aristotle, and then a parrot too. Seagull is definitely on my list… but what is with all the foxes, fireflies, and moths being in alliance zones? /pout

  7. I absolutely pick my pets by looks. I don’t care if wolves have better buffs – my DPS pet will always be a cat, because CATSOMG.

  8. Oh gods, you had to mention the crab starter pet for the goblins. The moment I remembered i could rename it it became the crab named “Debt”, ’cause that crustacean is in the RED! I am so going to a special place in the gamer hells for that bad joke.