If you have been playing WoW for a long time and can remember a pre-Wrath era, you no doubt remember that pulls were carefully dissected before executed. “Okay Mage you got moon, Hunter will ice trap Square, and I’ll tank Skull and X. Single Target only.”
“My name is ArcaneTinkerTank, not ‘Mage'”
“Whatever. CHAAAAAAARGE!!!!”

This kill order was usually designated by the tank, and the party was just supposed to fall in line. The pull went well or it went badly, and there was a 50/50 chance your time was spent griping about the warlock dotting your sheep, or the warrior thunder clapping too close to your sheep.

Well mages, I have good news! We can make the stress of pulling a lot easier with Ring of Frost.

With Ring of Frost, you have this targetable mist that will freeze in an ice block anything that is within its circle for up to 10 seconds. This means for most pulls you can manage to give your team 10 whole seconds to properly pull their target out for CC.


The downsides are:

  1. a two minute cooldown, and
  2. you need to train your tanks to single target the mobs they want initially out of the ring and away from the remaining CC’d mobs.

Never should the two circles touch.

This can be done with ranged single target attacks like a warrior’s Heroic Throw, a paladin’s Judgement, a druid’s Faerie Fire, or a Death Knight’s Death Grip. I’m sure there are other things they can do, but they must bring the tanked mobs away from the CC mobs so they can do their normal AoE effects like Thunder Clap, Consecration, Swipe, or Death and Decay with no worry about breaking crowd control effects.

For more thoughts on Ring of Frost, check out Kiss My Alas who wrote on it before I had a chance. I assume she was reading my mind and may in fact be Mentok the Mind Taker.



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    …I had no contribution other than that, except that I will debate whether to tell this to my co-tank, who is married to his mage and already has quite a list of things he badgers her about.