Remember how we talked about Grid’s New Menu Structure.  The new tabs are awesome!  And now the latest grid released on Curse (not just the Alphas in development) incorporates this menu structure.

However, if you use a lot of plugins, an un-updated plugin can make your “frame” menu look like this:


Fear not, there is a solution:

1. Make sure all your plugins are the latest version available

This means looking for alphas and betas on WowAce or Curse Forge. Many addon authors have made a small fix to get the plugin to play nice with the new tabbed grid menus.

2. Find The Culprit(s)

All your plugins are the latest version out there and you’re still getting this icky menu glitch? It’s an un-updated plugin. Maybe more than one!

How do you find it?  Disable all plugins and then start enabling them one by one. Don’t just stop at the first culprit. There could be more than one plugin that is not playing nice.

Hint, this will be an INDICATOR plugin, not a STATUS plugin. It will be a plugin that modifies HOW information is displayed or adds an indicator. It will not be a plugin that allows you to show a new status.  Most plugins actually start with “GridIndicator” or “GridStatus”, so this should be fairly easy to spot.

I found that GridIndicatorCornerText, GridIndicatorSideText, and GridCooldownText needed fixing. If you use GridStatusHots with a countdown, these plugins are MUST-HAVE.

3. Fix It

Time to go mucking about in the code.  Are you ready?

Find the lua file. It should be the plugin name with .lua at the end, for example: GridIndicatorCornerText.lua. It would be found in the appropriate folder (in this case “GridIndicatorCornerText”) in your Addons folder (which is, of course, in your Interface folder). Not in your WTF folder.

Open the Lua file in notepad. OMG IT IS A MESS!!!  Haha.  At this point you are flailing around on the floor going OMGWTF.  It’s ok.

Now find

type = "group",

Remember, use your “find” tool for this.  It should be shortly after the plugin name .options – in our example GridIndicatorCornerText.options.

Replace it with:

type = "group", inline = true,

Then save the notepad document. Repeat for any other plugin that is fouling up your tabbed display.

4. Profit

Your tabbed display frame menu now looks like this:

See? All fixed.

What if it doesn’t work?

You might not have identified all the culprit plugins.  Try turning them off and on again.

If things are fouled up beyond that, you can always revert the plugins you modified by simply redownloading them from their respective sites.


Well yes, I did test this and didn’t just copy off the internet, but I didn’t pull the idea out of the sky either.

  • Comment on GridIndicatorSideText on Curse.
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This post was brought to you by “OMFG I did srs bzns coder shit and didn’t fuck up my grid, my other addons, my wow install, my blog, or the entire fucking internet, woot!”


Fixing your Out-of-Date Grid Plugins for the New Tabbed Grid — 5 Comments

    • Honestly, I did give Vuhdo a good solid try and I just hate it.

      “Hots can go in these positions. Not a hot? Try these other positions that can be shifted around. Did I mention bouquets?”

      There was a LOT of swearing and after 2 hours of fighting with it, I decided that I’d leave it installed and configured (but disabled) in case Grid threw up, but otherwise, GRID 4 LYFE.