Mount Hyjal: Okay I get it I’m Special Just Like Everyone Else

So after admitting we are not a family of mer-gnomes, we set off for scenic Hyjal. Still had crowds, but this was more like what we were used to for joint questing. Kill this, gather that, kill this to gather these things they have, the usual stuff. The zone was really well done, but I did get a bit tired of all these ancient and powerful legendary forces look at me with curious wonderment on how awesome I am. I mean yes I did kill Arthas among many other dastardly evildoers, but your flattery is just bordering on embarrassing now. It is limit of the game genre, but it is pretty hard to believe the praise of being a unique and special force seriously when I see the same dialogue done for Zel right after.

The things that irked us were two quests. First was saving frightened critters from a burning forest. I get they are frightened, but they run away very quickly so clicking on them to gather them took some practice. Now I know there are plenty of WoW players who have various disabilities and I could see this quest in particular being a gateway towards getting all the quests in the zone done. I’m not sure if it acted as a gateway quest to unlock more stuff down the road, but I hope not. Second because they were friendly critters I couldn’t Slow, Polymorph or Frostnova (though that one probably would have killed them) to ease their gathering. When I do this on my warrior I think I’m gonna bring a stack of Critter Bites to see if that makes it easier.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like to FLAP, so we put a FLAP in your FLAP so you can FLAP while you FLAP

The second irk was the Joust mini-game quest line.  “Hey here is a flying mount that doesn’t work like any flying mount you’ve had since level 60! Just remember to flap the wings!” Now I didn’t find this that bad, but Zel and Wookiee were not amused. In fact we were a few quests ahead of the Wookiee when we were logging off for the night and one of the last things I read is “What is the Jousting Shit?!?” The Lizard by contrast can’t wait to do it.

The Twilight Cult Camps at the end were fun, but the minigame of the speech towards the end was not intuitive. We worked our way through it, but were never sure if we were selecting the right options. The zone felt a tad long compared to the other zones but not overly so.

Final Judgment: Overall I liked this zone a lot, but it did seem to go on forever until they refer you to Deepholm for the next quest area.  Good for groups, just remember to stay lock step on quests.


Cata Questing Content Review:(80-85) Hyjal — 14 Comments

    • Interact with target, you say? Will that help me find a quest giver who is hidden under someone’s big-ass mount? (Oh wait, that’s MY big-ass mount…)

  1. Interact with target keybind. Pick a key you’re not using (this is often tough) go into the keybinds menu and map that key to ‘Interact with target’. Then create a target macro with ‘/tar crittername’. Wander through the area hitting your target macro button followed by your interact with target button, and you’re done in 60 seconds. For me it was shift – jkjkjkjkjkjkjk done.

    • Thankfully Twig was asleep and did not pick up any of my language. Otherwise, she would have been saying “GET OVER HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT” every time she saw a squirrel IRL.

  2. I skipped Hyjal on my priest but going through it now on my mage. Glad to know there are some interesting quests to look forward to..

  3. What I hated in Hyjal was the “kill the missing harpy goddess’s long-lost love in order to bring her back to reality” quest. I mean… really? Come on, that was idiotic and the quest givers should have had a different plan…

  4. When I know I will be leveling I started getting quests from SW bulletin board, here I am thought that I need to start in Hyjal, but there was actually a quest line to get to Vashjr and start there before Hyjal but both zones are actually 80-82 level, so I skipped Vashjr and went to Hyjal my first reaction was “OMG so Crowded” barely even see the NPC to get the other quests. but it was fun, the best part I’ve done there though was killing the FireLord for the Last quest chain to end the battle in Hyjal, the worst quest I did in Hyjal was with riding the retarded flying mount that you control it to flap its wings lolx OMG! and when your inside the cave need to kill whelps, eggs and around the whole area has lots of flying rocks and lava. you also do get an achievement and that quest will become one of the dailies in Hyjal.

  5. I hated the feel of the flapping on the test run, but by the end of the First Wave I had a handle on it. I’m not a fan, but I’m a lot more comfortable with it.

    I’ve done two instance runs, cleared Vashj’ir, and have been working in Hyjal up to phasing out the Flamewake. I am about 10% remaining until level 84. I figure I’ll have all of the Twilight Highlands and a good chunk of Uldum left to complete after I’m 85. That sounds about right since I hit 80 in about 4.5 of the early zones in Wrath.

    I am happy to spend time here and even more happy the XP returns are so good because I’ll need their Arcanum at 85.

    • I did the entire zone not knowing about the arcanum and was pleasantly surprised to be Revered by the end of the zone. HOWEVER.. unlike the shoulder enchants, the arcanums (arcani?) appear to be bind on account, so as long as one of your toons goes through Hyjal, there is little harm in skipping it on another, unless you desire one of the other quest rewards.

  6. It’s true, I can’t wait to do the jousting. Probably because I was actually kinda awesome at the arcade game, so if it’s anything like that I should blow through it no problem and I can get kinda nostalgic for a bit too.

    • Until you realize that WoW puts you in 3 dimensions and the enemies move randomly or try to avoid. Plus, they glide around the room. You can’t glide for very long so it causes all kinds of ‘fun’ trying to cause collisions.

  7. Visualising in 3d space seems to be a problem for a lot of my guildies. Basically what i found was this, did you find vashir annoying because mobs could be above you?

    If so you will probably not like the jousting event. I think some of us think in 3d more easily, which i would personally like to thank games like Descent, or X-wing for :)