I’ve heard a little rabbling lately about how burdensome it is to go through the crap needed to be raid-ready.  Which is true – it’s burdensome and annoying and a long-ass grind.  However, for your amusement, let me put it in flowchart form.

So… in case it’s not entirely obvious from the chart… raiding is optional. You can opt out at any time and not raid. Nobody is making you raid. But if you do choose to raid, you have to do the necessary prep. I’m not sure why rational humans fail to grasp this.

To a certain extent, beyond a few specifics, your guild is not creating the rules.  Most guild rules are shockingly similar because these are essential prerequisites to the activity for it to succeed.

If you joined a bowling league, could you refuse to wear bowling shoes?  “No thanks, I’m a special snowflake, so I’m going to wear my street shoes and scuff up the lanes for everyone else.” Of course not.

In real life, it’s not ok to think yourself above the rules that everyone else must follow in order for an activity to happen. But that’s exactly what people do when they refuse to become raid-ready and still expect to raid.

Do or do not. There is no whine.


Personal Responsibility and the Decision to Raid — 22 Comments

  1. Again, I blame Wrath – lol

    It was not uncommon for people to hit level 80 and immediately begin Heroics. There was no preparation involved. It was also not uncommon for people to be in barely there epics and begin raiding content and to be carried through encounters. This was pretty standard.

    Unfortunately, people knew that things would be different in Cata and chose to ignore the signs and the warnings and are now having to deal with the reality that the way things were is not how they are now. You can’t jump into a Heroic immediately after hitting level 85 and expect to be of any real use to your group. You can’t do a few Heroics and immediately expect to be ready to raid content.

    I may bitch and moan about the process, but I know full well that if I don’t do those things, I will not get to raid and raiding is what I live for. I would like to think I don’t whine excessively, but I have been known to be verbal about the fact that a particular instance sucks or that I resent certain encounters for being too difficult. It’s a burden I’m proud to bear, if it means I have a solid raid spot and get to take part in seeing content that I really enjoy.


    • I blame wrath a little, in that people have gotten sloppy with play and have not experienced the gear grind. However, even IN wrath, there were people who didn’t do the very basic prep work… like enchanting all gear, spending 5 minutes reading a boss strat, etc. If you “don’t have time” to do the basic prep work, maybe you don’t have time to raid.

      • I agree, Zelmaru.

        I think just because something sets the framework or the precedent for a set of behaviors, it doesn’t mean a person has to follow it. They can choose to go the extra mile or work that much harder for something that they want.

        I think if there were enough consequences for people performing badly and refusing to do the extra work, it might get the message across. But when you have guilds who are sneaking in their obviously underqualified members into Heroics and raids and a Vote to Kick system which doens’t always work the way you want it to, they have no reason to shape up. Someone or something will always condone that behavior.

        And I don’t mean be all brash and shitty towards them. You can still be honest and be polite. You can still Vote to Kick someone in a diplomatic fashion. You can still instill consequence in someone in a polite and mature fashion.

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  3. I agree with O, the absolute EASE at which gearing up in the late Wrath era is to blame. I think most people expected the new heroics to be as facerollingly simple as they were before, and to be able to stomp through them in 20 minutes with no effort. As we all know, that’s just not the case anymore, and heroics with a pug are quite painful. No more free epics, no badges that are given to you just for showing up and no raiding content that you can be carried through. We were all spoiled with how easy things were in WotLK.

    • While things were easy in late wrath, in early wrath I distinctly remember having a miserable soul-crushing time wiping repeatedly on Utgarde Pinnacle (regular). Things were made easier in the later months, but in the beginning, it was still rough.

      • Oh, I also finally updated my Chakra Sutra by putting your site in there as a reference and showing you some link love.

        Thank you for bearing with me thru the delay and I appreciate your help very much.


      • I agree with you Zel, and I think a lot of people have forgotten that and only remember taking their alts from brand new 80s to raid ready in under a week.

  4. It’s not just Wrath. I was talking recently to a friend of mine, who is new to WoW (he started this summer). We were doing some heroics this weekend and he offered to DPS… 30 minutes later (and countless wipes), the tank happens to inspect him and sees he’s wearing half tank, half DPS items. I told him what the problem was, but he didn’t quite seem to get it. He “just wanted to play with us, because we’re nice” and “he didn’t think gear was such a big deal”. I tried to explain that wiping isn’t fun, but he kept insisting it is. If anyone can find me a way to distinguish “wipes because we’re learning” from “wipes because people aren’t prepared gear-wise” in a way that’s easy to understand to someone who never raided… please do. My closest analogy (similar to your bowling one) is someone coming to a soccer game and catching the ball in their hands because “that looks more fun”. It might be, but in that case you can play by yourself, not in a team. I feel a bit bad now, because after this conversation my friend didn’t even go close to an instance again… but I couldn’t just let him think “my dodge piece still has more strength than my ret greens” is a valid way of thinking.
    (On the bright side, at least we had this conversation before we started raiding… now he can make a more educated choice whether to join in or not.)

    • The distinction I make is between wiping because we haven’t learned to do the fight correctly yet, and wiping because the encounter is currently stronger than we are.

      We reached that point last night on heroic Deadmines… wrestled our way through the first three bosses, got to Ripsnarl, wiped on one mechanic, wiped on another mechanic, wiped on a third mechanic, then executed everything as we were supposed to and wiped because most of us were just barely geared for heroics and Ripsnarl was flat-out stronger than we were. I didn’t have enough survivability, healer didn’t have enough throughput, and the DPS couldn’t kill the vapors fast enough. Gear check, begin and end of story.

      Personally, it just made me serious about solidifying every step of my plan to gear up…

      • The big one for me, and the one that’s foremost in my mind cos I wasted hours last night, first in a pug and then in a guild group, on this; the difference between wiping on a fight because you’re learning the mechanics, and wiping on the SAME damn mechanic over and bloody over again. Then blaming it on gear.

        That’s not a gear issue, that’s a focus issue. Perhaps, perhaps it was an issue of our healer’s gear when we couldn’t get past the adds on P2 of Corborus, but then giving up, moving to Throne of the Tides, and wiping on the adds phase of Lady Naz’jar, over and over?

        I don’t mind wiping on a boss, as long as it isn’t the same reason every time. That’s not learning, that’s just a gold sink.

        • I’d blame P2 of Corborus on the group honestly (that’s when it burrows, right?) Everyone needs to move or it’s a wipe. I never had mana problems, just stupidity problems – when I ran straight into its path and got killed, repeatedly. If the adds on Lady Naz’jar aren’t dying then it might be gear, or lack of proper CC (or both).

  5. I wanna raid but I’m only level 84!!!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!!

    Rep’ing up in Wrath wasn’t super difficult and Cataclysm should be easier with the Therazane tabard. Gearing up is causing the whiners problems because they can’t be carried by random, over-geared LFD groups through 15 minute heroics and previous tier content.

    I remember 5 mans in TBC and only by gathering PvP welfare epics and some T4 gear out of Kara did I start to feel remotely comfortable in Heroic instances.

  6. @Joe Ego – YES. That takes me back; I recall the discussions in guild chat at how our Kara raids were getting us geared well enough to take on Heroics. Boy, that takes me back. Looks like they stopped short of that in this expansion, but then there’s surely a few content patches to go.

    Though some things were turned around … I remember sweating getting two pieces of DS3 gear so I could chain-trap on the Moroes encounter. Those weren’t only dropped on Heroics, though, I seem to recall.

    • I remember class stacking for trash pulls in kara because our guild leadership was convinced it couldn’t be done with fewer than 3 priests. Not good for mages looking to raid. As much as I hated the attunement for Kara in early TBC, it at least forced people to get their stuff, or be carried by guildies who were probably already ready for the Curator or later.

    • Honestly, I never felt comfortable in heroics, even in T5. I still remember wiping on Murmur for an hour… the hour before our Maggy/Gruul raid for my (and others’) Champion of the Naaru. The Maggy/Gruul we weren’t running anymore because we didn’t need gear in there. Ugh.

  7. ^_^

    Some of us do that even if we stopped raiding and never intend to go back.

    It’s just called playing well.

    Raiding is a plus. For some. For others, a minus, or an irrelevance.

  8. Well I can’t raid no more due to having less time after work currently, as a result I’m lagging behind trying to gear up for raiding. Still doing norm modes of dungeons, and not even attempting to get into HC modes yet! Only problem I have is that doing 1 daily dungeon run atm only rewards me with 70 justice pts, gonna take me forever to purchase 1 piece of gear now! Though I think alot of rep vendors provide gear now, so it better concentrate on those!

    Just most people are speeding ahead of time atm, whats the rush lol?

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