Time to talk about lifebloom tracking!  There are many ways to do it, depending on what your preferences are. Today we will talk about numbers, boxes, and icons.

With Numbers or Boxes – GridStatusHots

Download GridStatusHots

Configure your GridStatusHots Lifebloom status.  Which one? Depends on personal preference (see below).

My Lifebloom: Color Fades by Time Left on the Hot.

My Lifebloom Stack Colored: The color is based on your stacks, not time left.

DO NOT click the hot counter check box. It shows all hots and won’t distinguish between lifebloom stacks and any of your other hots on the target.1

Show decimals – that’s a personal choice on how precise you want the timer display (if you are using text output).


No additional downloads required beyond gridstatushots, unless you want to have your boxes in weird places.

To fade color based on …

  • Time left: use “My Lifebloom”
  • Stacks: use “My Lifebloom Stack Colored”


You’ll need to download a text plugin such as….

And THEN make sure that you fix the code so the out-of-date text plugin plays nice with the latest tabbed menu of grid.  SO MUCH WORK!

How to configure your corner and side text (size etc)

The color fade will be the same as using the boxes above.  However the display will be different.

Choosing “My Lifebloom Stack Colored” will:

  • fade the color by stack; and
  • show the time left countdown but not stack number

Choosing “My Lifebloom” will:

  • fade the color by time left; and
  • show the stack as a number, followed by a dash and then the time left countdown.

Totally depends on your personal preference. I personally like to see the stack as a number.


GridStatusHots doesn’t work with icons.  Instead, you’re going to be using a default aura plus an icon plugin.2

I know those two above have been updated for the new grid tabbed interface.3 You may need to download an alpha or beta from wowace.

Icons are not ideal. I haven’t been able to get them to show time left in an adequate fashion without using the center icon.4. I hate to say it, but if you want a timer number and a stack number and an icon all together, you need to use Vuhdo. I can’t believe I said that.  I feel dirty.

First, set up your default lifebloom aura.

Check “mine only”. DO NOT check “show duration” because that uses the center icon. It does now show the duration within your lifebloom icon.

Now set up your icon. The easiest way to customize is to use config mode. From there you can size accordingly. Make sure to enable stack text. Enable Icon Cooldown Frame does not work so you can’t tell when it’s going to expire.

Config Mode.

Put your lifebloom icon in the corner:

And here’s how it looks with Lifebloom active.

Like I said, not ideal.

  1. If you want to show all hots, show it elsewhere.  Here’s how.
  2. Unless you want to use the center icon.  That was a trick. The center icon is NOT for lifebloom.
  3. There are other icon display plugins out there… and if they don’t play nice with the tabbed interface, remember, it’s fixable.
  4. To repeat: The center icon is NOT for lifebloom


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  1. Thanks! This might come in handy at some point.

    FYI (and other readers): the out-of-date GridStatusLifebloom does work, and it shows the duration with both colors and numbers (the numbers show the number of stacks and the duration left, and they change color as it ticks down). It works out of the box… until it dies completely in the end, I suppose.