For those who have read Kiss My Alas and her recent guild swap to her husband’s bank guild Eff the Ineffable this comes as a rerun of our collective recent history. But I’d like to take this post to make the pitch. The pitch on why you ought to consider joining us on our crusade against that thing or things we are opposed to in dramatic fashion.

First I want to take a look at you. Who are you? Well if you are reading this you are different than the mainstream WoW player. Your interest in the game goes beyond mere logging in a few times a week and running a few quests then logging off to watch Single Female Lawyer reruns.

Jenny McNeal doesn't appreciate Arcanetinkertank's dismissive attitude to her struggle to make in a MAN's world of Basic Cable Syndication.

So we know you have greater interest in WoW than the average player, and by coming to a blog like ours you have an interest in a few possible reasons. First you like our commentary on WoW culture, second you find our information useful in enhancing your WoW playtime, third you know us personally, or fourth some combination of these reasons.  Regardless by coming here you are a person who likes to do things well in WoW. This makes you an Achiever. Not in the “Hey I get a lot of achievements” type, but rather you set out to do things well.

Knowing these traits of our readership I want you to consider joining us in Eff the Ineffable. Look at this graph.

We are forming for the purpose of focused “casual” raiding. We are not aiming for server firsts, we know we have limited time to raid, but we also know that when we do raid we are every bit as focused as “hard core” raiding guilds. We expect people to know their class, what gear their class should have, be responsible to the point that they show up to every raid gemmed, enchanted, and with consumables. They show up on time, and ready to raid having studied the encounter beforehand on Tankspot or StratFu type guide sites.

So are you Eff the Ineffable material? Well let’s go down a simple checklist:

  1. Will you move out of  the fire?
  2. Do you have an effective spec based on solid theorycraft?
  3. Do you know and practice your rotation for your spec?
  4. Are you properly glyphed for your spec?
  5. Will you have appropriate gear on in a raid?
  6. Will that gear be properly gemmed and enchanted?
  7. Do your stat priorities for your gear come based in some form of theorycraft?
  8. Fire! Are you moving out of it?
  9. Will you use appropriate raiding addons and Ventrilo?
  10. If you sign up for a raid will you show up?
  11. Will you show up on time?
  12. Will you study the encounters before showing up?
  13. Will you focus during the raid?
  14. Will you take criticism and constructive analysis of your performance with an open mind?
  15. Will you not be a dick?
  16. Are you willing to sit one week on the bench for the greater good of raiding progression?
  17. No, seriously, will you move out of the effin fire?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then I invite you to come check us out. Perhaps start by rolling an alt on Azuremyst alliance like Rhii did and getting a feel for our guild culture, and if you like what you see either level and gear up that alt, or transfer your main. It is early enough in the expansion that getting caught up will not be a serious problem.

If you find your current guild raiding program not to your liking. Either because they are too hardcore and you don’t have the time to stay caught up, or they are too casual and you find the lack of focus frustrating, please consider Eff the Ineffable.


Our New Guild: Eff the Ineffable — 39 Comments

  1. I hope you find the people that you’re looking for. I’d have considered it myself if it wasn’t for the eh.. logistical problems of living in the EU area 😉

    But I think what you guys are aiming for is pretty much what I’m hoping for my guild, and I do wish you the best of luck with getting it all started!

  2. Good luck! If this had happened three months ago we’d have seriously considered coming over. But we made our guild switch and server transfer already and now we have the healthy atmosphere we wanted with a raid team we’re having a lot of fun with.

  3. I would come over except for the fire thing…I have a long-standing love affair with fire…just can’t stay away from it….so painful….so exciting…so delicious – oh wait

  4. …I’m actually tempted. I stepped down from Apotheosis, so levelling a brand new alt to raid would be epicfun. Unfortunately, i am also epicslow most of the time (I don’t know HOW Mattie made it to 50 already), so it’d probably be summer before I was ready. XD

      • Well, I’m still IN it, just not raiding for the time being – work and stuff conspired to make it pretty much impossible for me to be raid-ready in the near future.

      • And, y’know, I don’t know if I’ll have the schedule for it in future, and I do want to raid, so… *shrug* It’s possible a guild of people who don’t have so much free time (or free energy, which has been my main problem) would be a bit better for me.

    • We’ve traditionally been “weekend” raiders… 6-9 Pacific (server) Tues, Fri, Sat. But it’s definitely open to tweaking, depending on the schedules of who join. Because the raids are shorter and don’t share lockouts with each other, it would be perfectly fine for a raider to participate in whichever raids he/she could make. (Unlike in ICC where earlier in the week we did “lewt pinata” and later was necessarily “progression wipe night.”)

  5. So there’s this Worgen rogue wandering around Azuremyst named “Effington”. Who should he holla at for an invite when he’s on again?

  6. Alas for living in the UK, and I don’t think I could justify moving. Plus whilst there are no cats in America… but there’s also no ‘proper’ bacon, no decent tea (you threw all the good stuff over the side of the boat) and no pubs (bars don’t count).

    However, do you do honourary memberships? lol.

    I really wish you guys the very best of luck with the new guild; so many awesome people in one place I have to admit I’m more than a tad envious that you’re all in the US 😛

    • What do you mean we don’t have proper bacon? Now I really feel the need to learn what real bacon is all about…

      Mmm, bacon.

    • I believe you guys call it Canadian Bacon or Irish Bacon – it’s the back bacon and it’s scrumptious. Goes well in a butty with a fried egg XD

      Damn it, now I’m hungry.

      • So if we call it Canadian Bacon or Irish Bacon, that means we still have it, we just don’t call it by the same name. Saying we don’t have “Bacon” because we use a different word if like me saying the UK has no elevators just because you refer to them as lifts.

        • I was led to believe that it was difficult, if not impossible to get a hold of in the states.

          Although I have just been told I’m being silly and that you guys get it in McDonalds and stuff. I’m standing firm on the tea issue though 😛

  7. Awwww, so enticing if I didn’t have RL ties to my current guild/server.

    Would it be okay to roll up something new and fresh and twiddle around in GChat being a cheerleader from time to time when my mind needs some freshness from the grind that is heroics and professions?

    If not I’ll just come over anyway and capitalize your AH’s until you bend..mwhahahahaha

    • Zel told me I had to come and answer questions. So the answer is yes. We absolutely have a place for people to just come and hang out and have fun! Come on over. (But I don’t know that anyone could jack up the economy more than it already is)

  8. Might be intersted in taking a peek though I am EST with 3 kids and probably only be able to pull the 9 PM – Midnight deal once a week or so.

    That said, since I’d most likely be starting a new char, what class(es) are you short on right now? I’m comfortable with druid and mage right now, but have a passing interest in either a priest, lock, or hunter if the need is there.

    Also, my other chars are all horde, and I have heard great things about the alliance quest chain stories, especially in redridge / westfall.


      • I want to echo Yngwe and Zel here. I think the only classes we have any real multiples of right now is mages and paladins. We have no melee dps actually. But yes, play what you like if you want to play with us.

        Yngwe is the person I point to for making raiding work despite the odds. He consistently schools me even with his limited playtime, so I hate him a bit. But I also really admire him. 😛

        Also, the alliance quest chains are pretty awesome since they have been revamped. I’ve only redone EK so far and barely dented Kalimdor, but they did a great job.

        • Guess it depends on how patient everyone is =D.

          I can probably roll a druid (resto) and not have much of an issue with getting into the swing of things once I level up, hunter sounds fun to try but I’d worry (especially with a small guild) that I’d screw it up, even after poring over all the online literature I can find (after all, books are great but it takes time to be ready for when the S**t hits the fan and you’re almost relying on pure instinct as to what to do next).

          Also, since I haven’t started completely fresh on a new server in a LONG time (I’ve always had a gathering / mining DK to feed mats to alts to do engineering + Herbalism AND been an “altaholic”), how do “smaller” guilds handle things like getting mats for tradeskills as they level?

          Just do skinning / mining / herb until 85 and then either use the mats you’ve gathered to PL / buy mats to PL for your “end-game” profession?

          I’d like it to make it where I can focus on a single char for a while (probably a hunter at thsi point assuming the guild is patient with learning), but that doesn’t seem to go well with trying to specialize a profession as I go.

          If it’s better to take this to email / PM just let me know how / where to do so. Thanks!

          • I don’t mind cluttering up Zel and Gnoble’s comment section. 😛

            I’d say we’re a pretty patient lot and if you want to try a hunter you would have the advantage of having Yngwe around. He’s a total theorycrafting nerd, as well as being pretty. He’s helped out my little hunter alt quite a bit.

            As to professions, this is honestly the first time I’ve been in what feels like a small guild, so I am not sure how to answer that question. I can say that I have all 10 character slots on this server full and most of them are characters that are 80 and above. In other words, I personally have every profession going at some level or another and I am always tossing things I have outgrown into the bank for others to use.

            Pretty much everyone is free with their mats and things as well. Our rally cry for professions seems to be “for the good of the guild.” All of which may be a long way of saying “Do whatever you want to do for professions while leveling and if a change occurs down the line and help or mats are needed, I bet both or either would come pretty easily.”

            Hope that helps!

    • In every guild I’ve been in… we say that we are short on XYZ, and then 2 weeks later one person gets a new job and another person does something else, and suddenly it’s the dead opposite. You’re more than welcome to check us out on an alt – but by all means PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE. Because circumstances of “guild need” change at the drop of a hat.

    • I am in the same boat, being an East Coaster (only one kid though). I usually make 1-2 nights per week. Thankfully, they are on the weekend.

  9. First, just want to say I really enjoy your site!

    I’m very tempted to transfer over my neglected lvl 62 gnome rogue from an RP server I used to play on to join you fine folks! Your group mentality and raid times seem perfect for me.

    As for rule #15, can we sometimes be an ass and very rarely…a douche?

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