First, Leap of Faith is a stupid name. You’re not leaping anywhere. “Life grip” is the proper term to use.

That said, we often forget we have life grip, which is why you need to practice.  A good time to practice is when you get suckered into healing a guild instance that is below your level but you agree to heal it anyway because “OMG pleaaaaase don’t make us take an LFG healer please pleaseplease!”

Try to use life grip whenever it’s off cooldown. It’s a good way to reposition the ranged DPS, or the melee dps who is getting too much threat. Don’t mention that you’re doing it.  See if they can figure it out. Then giggle.

Pro tip: if you have body and soul, they will probably figure it out quicker because they’re going to be getting the body and soul speed buff whenever you YOINK. Stealth-gripping requires speccing out of Body and Soul. Like I just did. Tee hee.

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Fun and Games with Life Grip — 9 Comments

  1. In my guild, melee DPS offer me gold to pull their competition off heroic bosses to screw with their DPS.

    Highest bidder wins.

  2. I like to use it when Reversion and I are on our little gnomes. He’ll charge in and I’ll “yoink” him back.

    I also managed to get him twice when he was dpsing JUST as he hit Bladestorm. Oh, man…

  3. My favorite use of it so far is the fast elevator in Blackwing Descent. I have twice managed to Lifegrip someone back as the elevator arrives, get on myself, and watch as they try to quickly get back on the elevator only to barely miss it and plummet to their doom. Many vent yells of, “Dammit, Serrath!” ensue and I feel a bit warm and fuzzy as I rez while laughing. >:D

    A couple positive situations that I’ve found it VERY helpful in:

    We earned the hardmode Chimaeron achievement thanks to it. In this achievement you must kill Chimaeron without more than two people dying. This is hard because he reduces all heals by 99% when he hits 20%. Our DK tank dropped… then our paly tank stood in the corner and was next on the aggro. He kept himself alive with defensive cooldowns for a bit, but when he was out he yelled and I Guardian Spirited him – next hit I life gripped him from max distance and he ran to the opposite corner. The boss took a few seconds to get back up to him and by the time our paladin dropped the boss was dead and BAM raid achievement! I did this on Halfus too to extend the enrage time.

    Love Life Grip

  4. I’ve life gripped one of my guildmates in Halls of Origination on the first boss, just to get her back on the ledge when she was in danger. It totally freaked her out, she ran in a circle and proceeded to fall right off.

    I won’t pretend it didn’t amuse me.