New Murloc Parliament Layout — 38 Comments

  1. So shiny! And white/light grey background so I can finally read what you say. It’s clean, classic and yet it has a personal touch, a look of your own. Can’t really get much better. I already see a strong candidate for the PPI award Blog facelift of 2011!

  2. Not a massive fan of the featured posts style layout personally BUT that’s a personal preference thing, and it looks lovely! 😀 Very tidy. Love it <3

  3. Really nice art, I like the gentle color scheme – the “newspaper” look is well put together. The fancy font on the sidebar headers gets a bit hard to read but eh, who needs to know what the sidebars actually say, right?

  4. Thanks for all the kind words! I hope commentluv isn’t a deal-breaker because it won’t work here either. So I disabled the bugger.

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