If you have been following the Fire Spec thread at Elitist Jerk they talk about how spamming fireballs as primary nuke is good for burn rotation, but there is a point where you want to be in a “Hover Rotation”. They define that as this:

This [Hover Rotation] refers to the rotation used to keep mana levels hovering at a constant value. We call this value our Mana Reserve. We use the Mana Reserve to switch into the Burn Rotation at the opportune time. A Hover Rotation makes extensive use of “Scorch Weaving”. Scorch is cast frequently in rotation alongside Fireball. For example: 2 Fireballs to every 5 Scorches.

Now I will freely admit I’m lazy and at times absent minded, and in the moment I could easily lose count of where I was in the 2 fireball to 5 scorch ratio of a hover rotation. I also realize that the ratio provided is an approximation so if you did 3 fireballs to 4 scorches for a short stretch, or 1 fireball to 6 scorches you would probably be fine.

At this point I wondered if the macro /castrandom could help. I have used it before to make a random polymorph macro. But what I didn’t know was whether it would weight a particular spell if you listed it a few more time. So I went off to the lab.

/castrandom fireball, fireball, scorch, scorch, scorch, scorch, scorch

I spent a long while just spamming this self buffed. I didn’t cast anything else like living bomb or even Pyroblast! (The proc result) until I reached 100 scorches to see if over the long haul the ratio would be 2 Fireballs for every 5 scorches. Here are the results via recount.


So by making this macro I’ve made my hotbar simplified with scorch next to the macro next to fireball. This allows me  to mentally shift from one DPS mindset to another pretty easily, and I know my hover rotation will always be more or less around my target ratios.


Fire Spec Mage Hover Rotation Macro — 4 Comments

  1. Thats brilliant. Very cool find!

    Now I’m trying to think of other uses for the cast random because until now I only knew of the random polymorph use.

  2. Zel pointed out you could get a similar result with /castsequence scorch, fireball, scorch, scorch, fireball, scorch, scorch

    And while I considered it I like the /castrandom approach better simply because it adds a little variety to it.

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