If you’ve come here to comment or look at the static pages, you may have noticed a flaming lot of 500 errors.  We’ve been working for the last few days with the host to see what the deal is and how we can fix it (mostly this is me complaining to ATT and ATT dealing with the host).  We are in no way popular enough (and no links lately from “big sites”) to have errors cropping up.

We also may be disabling/reenabling some plugins over the next few days to try to pinpoint the failsauce. Please excuse the mess.

It annoys the everlovin crap out of me because it’s nomming comments upon submission and my post revisions. MUNCH MUNCH.

TL;DR: Sorry about 500 errors.  We’re working on it.  Hope to have it fixed soon.

EDIT 1/28: It looks like the problem is now solved. Please let us know if it happens again.

(Except now you might get prompted for a password.  WTFBBQ? Working on it.)

OK, now you should not ever get a password prompt unless you try to access the admin area – and really, why would you do THAT?  Holler if something is broken.

Also: the menu of pages has been moved to the top menu (above the murloc) because in IE, the dropdowns on the lower-menu were disappearing behind the text-box.  Even though IE is the debbil, we should PROBABLY make the site accessible to IE users.  I guess.


500 Errors on the Blog — 9 Comments

    • Ugh, stupid spam bots trying to haxxor.

      My google says 400-800 hits a day.

      My web host says 300k.

      Methinks there are shenanigans afoot with said haxxors.