It really grinds my gears when the group insists on leaving potentially dangerous groups of trash mobs alive, and precisely inches by them to “save time.”

  • If someone has lag and runs into them while sneaking by, no time is saved.
  • If someone backs into them during a fight and causes a wipe, no time is saved.
  • If someone accidentally runs into them while running back from a wipe, no time is saved.

Suck it up, spend 2 minutes killing the stupid mobs, and collect your tabard-rep. Sure, you may not have needed to spend those 2 minutes, but leaving the mobs alive causes the potential for a 10+ minute delay if someone makes a mistake.  And, uh, people make mistakes.  All the time.  It’s not worth the time “saved” by avoiding the pull.


Avoiding Trash versus Just Pulling It — 13 Comments

  1. I like to inch past trash packs – it makes me feel smarter. But I agree that it’s just plain stupid to inch past them and not turn around to see whether the rest of the group made it.

  2. So much this! For example, in Lost City of the Tol’vir, as you approach General Husam, there’s two ways to approach him. The first time I killed him on heroic, the tank decided that he didn’t want to clear the trash on the other side (just the side we’d come down) so he didn’t kite the boss on the half of the room where the unkilled trash was. So we wouldn’t pull it on accident. Thus reducing the areas clear of bombs by half. Yeah *that* made the fight easier. About three wipes easier. /sigh

    • If your talking about that late night wednesday we did clear the 5 trash pull right besides him… but we did pull the one all the way in the back (general) on try 2 I think. I never thought that would happen. /shy

      my bad 😉

      • Was I there? I don’t even remember. I do remember accidentally pulling the trash on the way to alligator boss that we hadn’t cleared (which was totally my fault). And then after running back from THAT one, it turns out the stupid trash joined the fight while we were trying the alligator again (which was not my fault). I wanted to poke my own eye out at that point.

  3. The trash after the forge guy in BRC before Beauty…I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a group pull the first two packs on the right hand side. Than again, I’ve never seen a mishap there either, so maybe Blizz designed it this way….hmmmmm.

  4. GOD yes. People think they’re being SO PRO when they skip a trash pull that would take a miniscule amount of time to clear. Ones that are easily skipped, sure, go for it. If you have to inch by or ride your mount over the tetons or whatever to do it, running the risk of a wipe, just kill the trash.

  5. The other thing that boggles me about skipping mobs is Reputation. I can’t imagine that everybody is maxed out with all their Reps that they don’t need the little bit extra that the trash packs give you. If it was up to me (and I get outvoted an astonishing amount), I’d go out of my way to do a full clear on every dungeon. Grim Batol, for instance has a bunch of trash packs you can skip, which if added up would be an extra 500+ rep for the run. I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use that.

  6. Spot on here, this annoys me so much….but my experience last night was just the icing on the cake. I decided to do my daily random dungeon, and ended up with Stonecore, which was already in progress. I figured, what the hell, why not, the queue was 40 minutes, so I don’t want sit through another 40 minute queue (which would really be a 55 minute queue if you get the deserter debuff).

    Anyway, the group was obviously running back from a wipe, and I get to where the first boss (Corborus) is, and it looks like they haven’t killed him, but everyone is sneaking around, which doesn’t bother me (because Corborus is just a pain in the ass right now). We continue on to the second boss (Slabhide, the dragon), and we are sneaking past him too, because apparently he is too hard for some people (melee), which I guess I am okay with too, the group apparently was having a lot of difficulty with him, so we move onto boss #3 (Ozruk), which is who the group had wiped on previously, and I notice that the side mobs are all there yet.

    We pull Ozruk, and people end up dying…not a bad pull or anything, just a tank learning the mechanics. So, because none of the previous bosses were killed, we have to run back through the entire place again. We get to Ozruk’s room, and the rogue that is 3 steps in front of me gets too close to the mobs on the side of the room, decides to disappear, and they all swarm to me, killing only me luckily.

    I get a rez, and we pull the boss, but the healer gets knocked back…right into the group that was standing on the side of the room…fabulous…10 minutes later (after another run back through the entire instance) we get back to Ozruk, and kill him.

    Then just to add some icing on the cake, I end up dying to the boulders on the High Priestess Azil (I can never see the rumbling, even at ultra settings), but we down her in one try. Loot comes up to roll on, and I roll on the trinket that drops (which happens to be close to BiS trinket for my class out of heroics), and the healer questions it, and drops group before I get a rez. The paladin tank (Onrosgar of Norgannon) decides to start casting his resurrection on me, but cuts it off at about 95%, types /lol, then drops group.

    Oh, well, I guess I still got my valor points out of the instance at least.

  7. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    It’s not just fun to say, but always good advice when dealing with a group of hostiles in a condensed area, such as an instance or other dungeon.

  8. Sometimes there are even better reasons to not skip trash. Like the three 359 items that I’ve seen drop in the last week alone from doing guild runs where we kill everything. All three of them dropped off of mobs that would normally be skipped in pugs. I know, random is random, but it makes you think sometimes.

  9. Nearly all of my guild members are maxxed out in all cataclysm reps at this point and we are all back to only running our heroics for either our daily Valor points or in order to collect the guild XP. While in a guild group, we normally skip as much trash as possible because realistically, we have very little chance of wiping and having to run back through any of it.

    That being said, if I am tanking for a PuG, or even for a guild group with 1-2 PuGs in it, we pull and kill everything in the instance because anything left behind will be a guaranteed wipe when Mr.Pugger auto runs into it or mis-tabs and fires an arrow/spell at it at some point before the end of the run.

    This is also a large contributor to why my all-guild runs are down to ~30-40 minutes and PuG runs are still sitting at ~50-60 minutes.

  10. Ugh…I am the person who runs by the unpulled trash and somehow manages to body pull. Old world or new, raid or dungeon, if I am at the end of the line running through an instance and everyone before me manages to avoid the pack, I am usually the one who gets the trash. I appreciate clearing the trash when everyone is running by it the first time because I know I’ll pull it anyway, and what’s more, I am still getting rep from every kill!

  11. I tend to have similar issues with pug groups that insist on just mass-tanking mobs rather than using CC (when we have CC classes). The complaint tends to be that it takes too long to CC, and groups with a decently geared tank or strong AE dps tend to increase the calls for it even more. While it can work out fine (ie no one dies from the inevitably heavy damage), in the end it never seems to save time, as when I’m (or others) healing in those sort of situations I’m essentially forced to spam my most expensive heals to keep up with the increased damage, so then need to spend time after each pull drinking :3 Not quite as bad on my druid (<3 replenish and innerv) but my priest has to pause to drink up.