I’m starting a new series here.  I find myself increasingly time-crunched due to work but I still want to be raid-ready. So I’m finding corners to cut.

I hate paying market value.  We all hate it.  After all, it seems like such a waste if you have a guildie who is willing to do it for cheaper.

You just have to wait for that guildie to log in.  You have to meet.  You have to explain what you want. The guildie has to craft it. Mats have to be obtained, by you or the guildie.

Or the guildie doesn’t log in.  You try to remember to catch that guildie later, but let’s be honest – having to remember that one thing along with all the other crap you have to remember day-to-day is a little much, and it gets forgotten.  You end up going to the raid without an enchant, consumable, or gem that you need.  Bad idea.

Or you could just buy it off the Auction House.

But but but… the thing on the Auction House is overpriced.  How overpriced?  Could you get the money back in a few dailies?  How much would you save going with the guildie?  How much time does it take to earn the money versus how much time does it take to get the stupid thing crafted?

And, more importantly, what the hell else are you going to spend your money on?  A vanity mount?  Sorry, if you really want to raid, raid preparedness trumps the latest sparkly cougar mount.

Time is money, friends.  Never forget that. If you want to save those precious gold pieces, and wait around for your guildie to craft the thing you need, you might miss out on something else you want to do with your limited playtime.

Suck it up and pay the Auction House.


The Casual Raider’s Handbook: Paying Market Value — 9 Comments

  1. If only there were a way to communicate with guild members asynchronously in-game… Maybe a way to send them articles/items that they could transform into whatever you need and allow them to return the product of their magiks through the same system… 😉

    I inevitably end up just buying stuff off of the AH for myself because I am impatient and get a little OCD if I log out knowing that my character isn’t ready for the raid the following night, but it also surprises me how often people I know seem to forget that there is an in-game mail system. On the other hand, I have several guildies who are great about sending me mats through the mail for me to do enchants or cut gems for them and I always try and make sure and check my mail prior to raids.

    • True. In a casual guild, I’m always a little afraid of sending stuff through the mail in case the person doesn’t login for a few days. If you have a standing arrangement with someone, that’s different.

  2. Or just level a bunch of alts with all the various crafting professions and save yourself the trouble?

    If you don’t have time for that though, I’ll be more than happy to continue supplying the AH with all your raiding needs.

  3. The addition of profession details to the guild roster is a wonderful thing. Now you know what your guildies can do, removing a big part of the problem.

    Coordination can be tough, but some simple arrangements can be made. Make plans so items are in their mail by the day or two before, when they expect to be online. Maybe they need a whole week. Whatever you work out, always plan to buy it off the AH if plans fall through.

  4. I noticed Azuremyst has a saturated market of raiding consumables and enchanting mats on Saturday mornings before the AH peeps come in and start turning it around (me). If you can sneak on I highly recommend it.

    Also, Eff has some ambitious people in it, I bet if we communicated we could stock up the GBank with enough raiding stuff for a couple lock-outs at a time.

  5. Use guildbank. Our herbalist put their herbs in, everyone puts rawfood in. Flaskmasters craft large stacks when they are on. Cooks cook delicious meals.
    Every raider gets 8 flasks a week and a full stack of food. (We are casual 10 man raiding guild.)

    • Well of course you want to check the gbank first before paying on the AH. However, not all guilds are set up that way. Most of the guilds I’ve been in required raiders to provide their own “stuff.” Including repairs.

  6. Before buying on the AH, check out the price of the finish product versus the price of the mats+tips. If mats+tips are less expensive (which they should be) then whisper the person which is selling the item on the AH and ask him to craft it for you with your mats + tips.

    A bit more expensive then iof the guildie craft it for you but you get it right away without paying the ridiculous AH price.

    Or you could spam /trade … but i hate /trade so i dont do that.