(Serendipity… Otherwise known as Duck Duck GOOSE!)

Usually I just steal the superior power aura creations at Tales of a Priest and maybe tweak them, but for this one thing, I came up with one of my own.

1 stack of Serendipity.

2 Stacks of Serendipity

This string allows you to import the 2 auras in a “set”. To import this set you will need to select a new (blank) PAGE in your Character effects and click “Import Set.”  WARNING: If you click import set while in a page that has existing auras, you will overwrite your old auras.

Set=Page 4@
Aura[73]=Version:4.9; g:0.9098; icon:Spell_Holy_Serendipity; buffname:Serendipity; r:0.0745; x:1; stacks:2; texture:72; alpha:0.9; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; combat:true; size:0.18; y:-3; ismounted:0@
Aura[74]=Version:4.9; g:0.9098; icon:Spell_Holy_Serendipity; buffname:Serendipity; r:0.0745; x:1; stacks:1; texture:73; alpha:0.9; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; combat:true; size:0.18; y:-3; ismounted:0@

I don’t usually use sound, but you can certainly add one.  I made sure this could be used while mounted due to the whole camel boss thing.


Power Aura for Serendipity Stacks — 6 Comments

    • Power Auras is a little daunting to set up at first. I used to use TellMeWhen which is far easier. It’s less “pretty” and more functional.

      There’s no right way to do something. You could also use a scrolling battle text to track procs.

      However, I noticed that having some easily-viewable visual reminder helped me fail less. If my inner fire drops off, I get a big fat fire icon in the middle of my toon. I should also have it say, in text, “HEY STUPID, UR INNER FIRE DROPPED.”

      There are a lot of DK’s who like various trackers for runic power, blood shield, etc. You might want to poke about on pwnwear.com and see if they have any suggestions.

  1. That looks a lot like my, “hey moron, use Riptide, it’s up” aura. 😛 It works well for me, so I imagine yours will work nicely too.

    • I have a “hey-moron, your procced surge of light” one that I copied from Tales of a Priest. What I didn’t realize is that it (and another one I had copied from the site) had a subtle audio cue that the proc had occurred (a very appropriate chant sound). I was like “oh hey, this dungeon has interesting music, with all the chanting.” And my group was like “huh?” /facepalm. I kept the chant for surge of light and added some cha-chings to my shadow powa because I need all the help I can get.

  2. I grabbed a very similar looking Holy Power aura setup from the Power Auras wiki. It was also very simple to setup a basic “hey moron, Holy Shock is available” aura.

    And being slightly ahead of the curve, I had a Denounce aura for my solo/pvp/dps spec the first month of Cata.