Raiding Tonight — 12 Comments

  1. I smiled.

    “Where’s Mama, Nana?”
    “She’s fighting a lava wo – she’s just got something she needs to do, honey.”

  2. I think my wife and I use too many unnecessary words, and my daughter is picking up the habit. A few days ago, she found my authenticator. She walked up to me and said “Daddy, can we play dwagons or something?”

    • We can’t let Twig watch us play because she’s in a big “no hitting” phase where she yells at the TV (we’re showing her the old Mickey Mouse cartoons and Chip N Dale slap each other around sometimes).

  3. Ah, she’s old enough to put her to work farming!

    Here, honey, you can be a birdie and fly around picking flowers!

    Just don’t show her cat form or you’ll lose all that productivity.

  4. Oh that’s just so much fun. I had to read the entire conversation out to my brother I thought it was that hilarious :)