We Failed To Kill the Lava Worm. Murloc Mom is disappointed. — 11 Comments

  1. Did you guys really not kill him? If so, check your logs for magma spit – it’s annoyingly easy to activate his “no one’s in melee with me, waah waah” tantrum, even if people are indeed in melee. We ended up un-DPSing one of our tanks and having her taunt while the regular tank is mangled, and that made magma spit stop happening.

    • A lot of it is we are so close to the gear threshold that even on our best attempt we would have been flirting with the enrage timer. So anyone dies we get boned. We’ll get him soon I am sure of it.

  2. Do you have a hunter? We’ve found even an undergeared hunter trivializes this fight. Reversion swaps out for his hunter, we one tank it and he dies…. Also Vuhdo has little debuff marks for when people get parasite-ed which makes it easy to tell them to go away. And to heal them. Yeah. That.

    • We do have hunters. I think we are a bit undergeared and still need to refine strat. Also, I think Magmaw was stealth buffed because we had to use 2 tanks.

      • If the tank doesn’t have enough cooldowns to get through the mangle then it’s really hard but we downed him Friday one-tanking it, and the other guild raid also one-tanked the fight last night so I don’t *think* he was buffed. Undergeared and/or strat tweaking sounds likely. We have managed successfully with only one person at range drawing fire, or with almost everyone out there. Lately been using the “everyone out” method, it just has been working, the other guild raid is using the “single ranged dude” method.

  3. 1) A healer pretty much has to be in melee if you want to heal the Mangled tank with the way they get lifted. This saddens me because I’m really good at the dance after the first week.

    2) Per Analogue: I, too, use Vuhdo and my Lava Worm dies every time. 😉

    3) Nice purse!


    • We put one tank healer in melee, and the 2 raid healers were bouncing from one side of the room to the other with the rest of the ranged. At least the worms weren’t trying to nom my face off as with previous attempts.

      • Once things get ‘too smooth’ you can turn on Righteous Fury and watch everyone crap their pants as all the worms stream to melee.

        We’ve been using one tank and the worst that happens is somebody will catch a (BIG!!!) hit after Mangle and before the tank can taunt back. Everyone is at full health by then, so there’s no real reason to worry.

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