Last night I was failtanking for the Lizard who was learning to heal on his off spec. Well I wasn’t really failing, and he did quite well remarking halfway to the first boss in Grim Batol regular “I’m bored” seconds before the PUG hunter pulled a second group, and we had no CC in play. But in the world of alts/offspecs we had Rhii coaching the shammy while being coached on her mage. At some point she apologized for Ice Blocking and not being able to cancel it to help clear a non-elite trogg pack. I mentioned a macro I use that makes it one button that you press to iceblock and when you press it again it will get you out.

#showtooltip Ice Block
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

Just to walk through the steps of how this macro works. Line one is simply so your hotbar icon looks like ice block instead of something custom. Line two makes you stop whatever you are currently doing since ice blocking is the most important thing you need to be doing. Line three is clearing your ice block. Line 4 casts your ice block.

By using this you can use ice block quickly to clear ick, protect yourself etc etc, but not have to mess with buff bars to cancel ice block or wait the full duration of the ice block.


Mage Ice Block Macro — 1 Comment

  1. I highly recommend this macro for Hunters (Deterrence) and Shadow Priests (Dispersion) as well, when you want to use it for a split second to avoid a big damage spike or single big attack, but not gimp your actual actions after the fact. I usually couple these effects with a GIANT shield Power Auras icon with a timer, so that I know when the effect is active and how long is left on the duration, if I don’t cancel it.