Yes, this is a shameless ploy to poach.  I totally admit it.  I am a terrible, terrible person.

Now that we’ve got THAT out of the way, come join our guild, Eff the Ineffable.

To recap why we are awesome:

Where: Azuremyst Server, Alliance

Raid Times: 9:30 Eastern Friday & Saturday

No Officers.  Because we don’t need no stinkin officers.

Mature Casual Raiding.  We’re srs bzns when we do raid, but there is no required attendance because we have lives.

Lots of Bloggers.  Which means we know our shit, research, and speak in real sentences.

We killed stuff.  Halfus (“Half-ass” hahah), that dude in Tol Barad, and Magmaw.  Omnomnom will fall soon.

If you are so awesome, why do you need to recruit?

Well, some of our awesome people have RL shit to do and aren’t able to raid every single raid night.  So obviously we need more people.  I can’t take the night off like EVER because we need healers.  (Woe.)

If you have more people than spots, will I have to sit out?

Yes. Duh.  (I effin WISH we had enough healers for me to sit out every so often. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t going to watch itself.)

Look at it this way: if you want to raid every week and have a guaranteed spot, this is NOT the guild for you.  You want a guild where you have required attendance and therefore a saved spot.

But if you’re the kind of person who needs to miss a raid every now and then – or even more often than that – because you want to do stuff IRL, then this is a guild that will let you do that and not give you crap for missing a raid, as long as you’re willing to sit out sometimes if the raid is oversubscribed.

Simply, and this isn’t just me but it’s LOGIC:

  • If you want to be able to raid whenever you want, you have to be prepared to raid when you DON’T want to raid.
  • If you want to be able to skip raids without penalty, you have to be prepared to sit out when you DO want to raid.

If you expect to have a spot whenever you decide to show up and expect to be able to sit out whenever you don’t feel like going, then you’re an illogical creature and we don’t want you in the guild. Shoo.

Like Spock, Eff the Ineffable has no patience for logic fail.

What are you looking for?

Mostly…. a full-time healer for TEAM HEAL and one more DPS or DPS/Healer hybrid to fill out the roster.  I want replenishment.  A girl can dream.

How can I join?

Well first you should make sure we’re a good fit for you!  I would say make an alt on our server (and we’ll invite you to the guild) or listen in on a raid in vent.  And (here’s the part where I delegate) you can contact our fearless leader alas [at] kissmyalas [dot] com (or if you are hell-bent on making me work for it, zelmaru [at] murlocparliament [dot] com).


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  1. Zomg, a fellow Grey’s Anatomy fan. I do have to dvr it from time to time, but I hate getting too far behind. Mainly because I tend to cry during every episode so watching like 4 of them back to back just absolutely drains me.

    I wish I had known you watched this back when I could talk to you in vent. We so could have annoyed everyone else. Well, worse than I normally annoy everyone that is. 😛

    • My wife sometimes forces me to watch that show. It is tolerable, except for the horrible voiceovers and the inevitable scene in every episode where sappy music plays while every character at the same time confronts an obstacle, realizes something deeply important about themselves or their relationship, or makes some life-changing decision. Almost as formulaic as House, but not as good (although last night’s episode sucked big time).

      • Gasp! I loved this weeks episode of House. The “C’mon Get Happy” dream sequence was amazing … ly weird which is why I loved it.

        As far as Grey’s Anatomy goes, I think it’s just a girl’s show so I’m not surprised or bothered by the fact you don’t care for it. I really don’t know any men that watch it.

        I’m glad we could have this conversation. I miss talking to you. :)

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  3. Boy do I know what THAT’S like- I haven’t had a night off that wasn’t precipitated by multiple RL crits on someone else’s part in a year or so. I’d love to lose my spot from time to time if that were an option. (Briefly, it was, then about half our core crew burnt out all at the same time and went on indefinite hiatus..)

    Can’t say I’m not tempted- you guys sound made of awesomesauce and bears- but still trying to do… basically exactly what y’all are.

  4. Oh my, don’t get me started on GA…(yes, I am up-to-date, s07 wohoo!)

    Anyway, I love fun guild recruitment topics and if I wasn’t a) guilded for years and b) not playing WoW anymore, I’d join you just for the cool guildname alone, lol!
    GL with finding the right people. =)

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