We still don’t have a healing channel at Eff the Ineffable.  I hope to have that remedied before our raid on Friday.

The hitch is what to call the damn thing.  I want something short, easy to spell, yet sufficiently snarky.

Suggestions have been as follows (mostly from me):

  • Outoftheeffinfire
  • effinbooboomgmt (this sounds too much like “boob” to me, but it’s actually supposed to be about “booboos”)
  • SaveTheFails
  • LetAlasDie
  • GnomeSacrifice
  • Healthehunter (suggested by a hunter, of course)
  • Effhealingthehunter
  • EffTheHunterAndHisLittlePetToo

Comment please! Save us from our dumb ideas and bring on the snark.


Need Ideas for Healer Channel Name — 30 Comments

  1. VuhDoIsBetterThanGrid

    just kidding

    Our raid can’t have a separate heal channel, I run the sound for both Reversion’s and my vent so if I’m not in a channel he can’t hear. I don’t know what I’d name it, though…


  2. I still like savethefails it’s got a certain treehugger/Greenpeace vibe to it that I always mentally associate healers with

    Other possibities I have some up with:
    Squishyville – although this might be a better name for a dedicated DPS channel

  3. “EffMarryKill”

    Not that it has anything to do with healing. I just love that game. You get three names and have to decide which one you would eff, which one you would marry, and which one you would kill. I guess it is sort of like healing in a way. I will give you an example:


  4. HealtotheEffingFace


    AoEffingE (dps channel?)




    Yeah, I can see this is tough and why some people might change their channel name often.

  5. RocksFallEveryoneDies



    …That said, “mage needs food badly” made me gigglesnort.

  6. hmm… I’m seeing an awful lot of waffle talk recently. 😛

    maybe your channel should be WafflesForEveryone
    or EffingWaffleEaters
    or something along those lines.