I have suffered in obscurity long enough.  I demand that Blizzard create multiple in-game items and events in my honor.  Well, things named after Twig are acceptable, as long as there are fewer named after Twig than named after me.

  • Every loot item named after me must be purple and best-in-slot. Nothing for hunters.  I so hate them.
  • A real Murloc Parliament needs to be erected in Stormwind for Murloc Emissaries.  I don’t care if the emissaries kill the stupid “human NPC’s”.  That’s just Murloc culture.  Don’t be racist.
  • Orphan week shall be renamed “Twig week” and be devoted to serving candy to tiny trees.
  • A bee pit needs to be created immediately.  A really big one.  We’re gonna need it.
  • Replace Wrynn’s statue with mine.  Everyone will thank me for this.  Wrynn is so gross with his sissy elf hair and disdain for civil liberties.  Of course, as ruler, I would crush civil liberties too, but at least I have better hair.


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