OK, don’t be fail on your raid prep just because you don’t have time.  Here’s a handy (mental) checklist that I go through every week so I’m not totally WUT at raid time.

1. Gear


  1. Enchants
  2. Gems & Belt Buckle
  3. FULLY REPAIR before the raid

Ok, last week you got a brand new hat.  You were tired after the raid and totally blanked on enchanting and gemming it.  And by next week, you forgot that you hadn’t done it.

Don’t do that!

The night before, AUDIT YOUR TOON.  You can do this from the armory.  You don’t even have to log in.

You hit Advanced, then  look at the bottom of the screen and you see the audit.

This is my raiding main, and unsurprisingly I pass.  The audit tells you whether you are missing enchants, gems, or a belt buckle.  It takes into account whether you have special crafter-only enchants.

Now, this is my fail alt.  I saw that there were 6 missing enchants!  Mousing over the missing enchants, it shows me which pieces I should fix.  I am also missing a belt buckle.  The auditor also reminds me that I have a crafter-only enchant that I could do.

(Note: The crafter-only enchant thing is sometimes dumb. It keeps telling Rhii that she needs to do parachute cloak rather than +50 intellect.)

It doesn’t hurt to check this once a week, just in case you’ve totally spaced on fixing up a new item.

2. Consumables


  1. Stat Food
  2. Normal Food
  3. Flasks
  4. Potions

There’s not much to say about this.  Don’t depend on someone to make a feast.  Don’t depend on a mage table unless you have a ton of mages.  Bring one flask for each hour a raid is expected to last, and one extra just in case.  And a mana or health potion can save the day.

3. Check Your Addons


  1. Update your addons
  2. Don’t do anything new and freaky

Make sure your stuff is updated, but don’t suddenly “try something new” on raid night.  Do it on a night when you’re just doing heroics.

You want the very latest version to avoid foulups with the latest WoW version, but you don’t want to hold up the raid to fix your addons.  If you can update your addons when you get home from work, way before raid time, that’s best.   Unless you’re raiding on patch day, and there’s a danger of your addon not working, don’t hold up the raid to update.

4. Know The Encounter


  1. Study
  2. No really, study

You are wasting everyone’s time if you don’t.  I recommend both a write up and a video, to reinforce the message.

If you studied up last week, you should STILL do a refresher before the raid unless your target is on farm.

5.  Be Ready At Go Time


  1. Be online early OR
  2. Park your ass at the instance the night before
  3. AND, need I remind you, BE REPAIRED

Being ready at go time does not mean logging in one minute beforehand, demanding a summon, and then not accepting it because “I gotta grab something from the bank…”.  It means being at the instance, totally ready to go, zoning into the swirly door one minute beforehand.

If you can’t be online early because you are putting the kids to bed, get your toon loaded up with consumables, repaired, fully ready, and then park outside the instance.  It’s not like you need the rest xp.


The Casual Raider’s Handbook: Night Before Raid Checklist — 11 Comments

  1. If I can add a point, that may vary wildly based upon what people use to play their WoW?

    It’s definitely worth making updating/running your anti-virus programs, defragging your hard drive, cleaning up whatever you can on your computer if you can before raid start. This is a matter of making sure you can focus solely upon the encounter, not panic because you’re supposed to chain Magmaw, only to have had “AVG needs to restart your computer! Is this OK? Y/N/Deal With It” pop up in the middle of the screen.

    Basic maintenance of your computer is equally important for raiding, because people need to be able to depend on you for that 2-4 hour stretch!

    • Omg, I hate that, and I OFTEN forget to do this. I would say restart the PC about an hour before go-time and shut down all those annoying memory hogs like the windows sidebar (GRRRR).

    • I so love Avast!
      Besides being a good AntiVirus, it has a SHUT UP M… erh, a Quiet Mode.
      Are you playing anythin in fullscreen or you setted it to always be on Quiet Mode, it’ll never annoy us.

      Well, that and it keeps the bad out.

  2. Oh silly, silly non-Engineer! Cataclysm made Engineers even more awesome (Is this even possible?? Apparently!) by separating enchants and tinkers. That means parachute cloak AND +50 Int. Synapse Springs AND +50 Haste on my gloves.

    In an odd twist, the Synapse Springs activation actually fades your character model like some odd threat reduction against other, less awesome, professions who may become upset at the parachuting and boosting spectacle on display every week. I’m not sure how effective it is for paladins, however, as even I have had to start raiding with sunglasses to guard against vision damage when casting Holy Radiance.

  3. I SO have to work on my english. u.u

    Btw, Zel, do you know any GOOD check-what-you-character-is-missing-and-where-to-get better-gear site? GearWishList keeps telling my resto druid that a 346 STR shoulder is better than his 359 BWD trash drop one :(

      • Mr. Robot is fantastic- as long as you’re reasonably conversant with what the theorycrafting debates are for your spec and have decided what side you fall on and why.

        I think the fact that I uncritically accept everything it tells me about ret and arms and make changes for prot very selectively says more about me than it, for example… but for the tank stuff, I at least know *why* it’s telling me to do something I may think is screwy.

        • I think the theorycraft is far more “solid” on DPS because it assumes a set rotation that will maximize dps, period. I think healing is a tad more “by feel.” Mr. Robot keeps telling me to increase my haste when EJ is saying to go for mastery. I’m not blindly following Mr. R in that regard – however I would get haste without a second thought if my heals “felt” slow. You know you’re in trouble when EJ starts talking about enough spirit to “feel comfortable.” Feelings, emotions, puppies, kittens, cute baby rabbits – EJ?!?

          • The advantage that Mr. Robot has over EJ is that it’s applying similar principles to your precise gear set. That means it’s looking at where your set of secondary stats are and it’s also considering trinket procs, which are quite important and easy to forget or complicated to calculate into the picture.

            While nothing should be done blindly, Mr. Robot may be finding you small percentage gains here and there which would be difficult to find by “feel.” Not that playing and gearing by “feel” is necessarily bad…sometimes comfort (feeling like your heals aren’t too slow or feeling like your heals hit hard) is more important to enjoyment and effectiveness than perfect min/maxing.