First the raid leader, then part-time healers, and all of a sudden you have a crowd in your formerly-pristine healer channel.


Unfortunately you have to use slash commands.  Sigh.

Getting the Powah

First, make sure you’re a moderator.  These channels have the annoying habit of resetting when everyone is out of the game, and the first person to get into the channel is the moderator or owner or whatever.  Hopefully that person is not a dirty DPS.


/chatwho 3

(or whatever number your chat channel is) .  You will get a list of names.  One of them has a star.  The person with the star is the channel’s lord and master, for now.

That person can do the kicking, or if he/she doesn’t “have the stones”, the person can pass you the powah with:

/mod channelname yourname

Now you’re in prime kicking position.  (You can unmod someone with /unmod channelname playername.)

Alternatively you can be given ownership with:

/owner channelname yourname

What’s the difference for kicking purposes between owner and mod?  Probably nothing.


It’s incredibly easy

/ckick channelname playername

BAM!  Kicked.  The person can come back.  I guess.  But probably won’t bother.

Other Than Kicking

You can mute:

/mute channelname playername

However, seriously, if someone is pissing you off enough to mute, why let him/her stay in the channel at all?  You can unmute with /unmute channelname playername.  (rly?)

You can ban with:

/ban channelname playername

And, cleverly, unban with /unban channelname playername.

How long does a ban last? No idea.  If channels expire when nobody is in them, and then are re-created, the ban will be lifted when the channel is empty OR the server resets.

You can set a password with:

/pass channelname passwordyoupicked

Again, the stupid thing expires when everyone logs off.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  I think you have to be an owner, not just a moderator, to mess with the channel password. (To join a passworded channel, do /join channelname password.)

Being Nice

Instead of hollering at the healers to join the channel and possibly having them misspell it, you can issue an invite.  Isn’t that polite of you?

/cinvite channelname playername

Says a guildie “oh hey you can do that?  Cool.”  Yes, very cool.

Our Dumb Policy

Or “why I looked up how to boot people”

The healers have found even the smallest amount of “non-healer creep” into the healer channel to be distracting.  For example, a healer who is not raiding with us that night, or a part-time healer.  So we’re starting to limit the healer channel to ONLY the people healing the current encounter.  Which means booting the shadow/disc priest every time he changes specs for a boss, and then reinviting him when he specs back to disc.

Yes it’s harsh and mean and evil.  ATT calls it myopic.  “What if you need to coordinate with the raid leader?” he says.  “Surely the raid leader should be in there for strategy.”  I still say no.1  So far we do very well deciding things in the healer channel as a team and THEN communicating the TL;DR version to the raid leader.  It’s pretty streamlined that way.

For a complete list of slash commands, see the Wowwiki list of slash commands.

  1. I wouldn’t be trying to goad him into writing his own article, would I?


How To Keep Interlopers Out Of Your Healer Channel — 15 Comments

  1. As a raid lead, I also agree that RLs don’t need to be in the healer channel (if they’re not healing). I trust my healers to get the job done. If there’s an issue with healing, I’ll ask for details on what they think is going wrong and what they’re trying to do to change it. I also encourage them to let me know if there’s things I need to ask other people to do in order to help them.

    I almost never direct my healers. They know healing far better than I ever will.

  2. I never had to kick anyone out of my healer channel – they were all scared of me anyway. 😀
    but really, In our type of guild kicking wasn’t something we needed to do – it would worry me if it was different. we made it clear from the start (on our forums too), that only people with actual business were to join respective channels. exceptions were made for MTs since healers and tanks always worked closely together, and ofc RLs. the few times somebody was continuously logged in a chan for no reason, he’d receive a quick whisper and that was all.

    • The kick isn’t meant to be mean. It’s just easier, honestly, to kick than to do the whisper sometimes. I mean, you have to whisper, then the other person has to remember the command to exit. And I enjoy the kick way too much for my own good.

  3. Is ATT your raid leader? Because then you two have a “back channel” – same room communication – between the raid leader and the healers. So no need for him in there.

    Our raids, I do whisper conversations with my healers. Usually at least one of them is gossiping with me all raid anyway. And I tell Reversion our strategy and he includes any of it necessary in the prefight briefing. No official channel but it’s worked so far.

  4. I’m a big fan of the RL being in all the channels, not to communicate (because they shouldn’t be participating in the healer talk) but simply to be aware of when the healers are busy talking about something. It’s just to be able to tell the rest of the raid “Hold on, healers are busy” when otherwise, everyone else is just standing around wondering what the holdup is, since no one else knows. If that’s all they are in there for – not to talk, but to know when the healers are talking – I think there’s really no reason not to have him or her in there.

    • See, in our system, the RL usually says (in vent or raid) “are healing assignments done” and we say “yes” or “no”. No point in the raid leader hearing all the noise of working out assignments when all that is needed is the bottom line.

  5. You were wondering why use the MUTE option instead of kicking the person. It might be perfect for the raid leader. Get the RL in the healer channel but mute him. This way he cant distract us but he can still see what the healing assign are and if we’re done or not.