Disc Specs

Second verse, same as the first… I’m now finishing up a Discipline Priest Guide that should look pretty dang similar to the Holy Priest Guide.  I am too biased about what I consider to be the top specs and need help finding perspective.  What’s your discipline spec and why?

Shadow Guide – maybe

After finishing the Disc guide, because I feel the need to torture myself, I may take a crack at a Shadow guide.  However, this would not be a guide for the uber shadow priest of uberness.  It would be a shadow priest guide for priests who are primarily healers and need to not fail at their shadow spec.  Would there be interest in this?  Or should I leave shadow priesting to the experts?


What’s Your Discipline Priest Spec? And A Question About A Shadow Guide — 16 Comments

    • That’s very close to my non-smite disc spec. But… no prayer of mending glyph?

      In shadow spec, do you find silence to be useful? More useful than, say, psychic horror? (I’m a fan of silence but, 3 point investment, oof!)

      • Honestly, as Shadow I don’t use it that often. But, that being said, I *do* enjoy HAVING a silence available “just in case”. I’m certainly not married to it though.

  1. Well, you have my disc spec from before, but here it is again 31/8/2. My only new comment on that is how as I get gear upgrades, I’m actually losing haste. While I don’t need it for extra renew ticks, I’m near the point where I feel the lack of haste in longer cast times on spells like Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing.

    I think you should totally do a dabbler’s guide to shadow priesting, I can help! :) 8/0/33 Of note is the fact that I like having access to Silence enough to waste those two points on Imp. Psychic Scream (it’s come in handy in heroic PUGs when people forget to interrupt something; the long cooldown makes it once-per-fight only, but that’s still better than zero interrupts) and only two points in Imp. Mind Blast since a 1.5 cooldown reduction makes MB come off of cooldown at awkward times. Oh, and that healing reduction from it is really just meh anyway.

      • Ooooooh yeah! We don’t have enough good major glyph choices for any priest, as far as I’m concerned, to not take Glyph of Psychic Scream.

  2. I don’t have any useful opinions, but yay for guides! I’ve been putting off leveling my priest since everyone said that disc was awful now… but I *want* her to be disc. This might be the perfect opportunity.

    • Hrm… My feeling on strength of soul is that it’s better for non-smite specs. If you’re not doing too much direct healing, you could easily move those points.

      • It is so helpful when I get too focused on everyone else’s health pools and neglect to pay attention to my own. Not that I would ever do that.

        It has saved many 5-mans and raids from potential wipes.

  3. Here’s my usual spec:

    The points some people may think are questionable are the 3 in Inner Sanctum – I must admit, I’m addicted to the movement speed increase. And the spell damage reduction is nice too when I remember to toggle between Inner Fire and Inner Will.

    I also occasionally use an Atonement Spec: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/veknilash/pasiphae/talent/primary

    The only fights I am comfortable using it on are Halfus and Cho’gall so far.

  4. Here’s my Discipline spec:

    Most of the disc tree is pretty straightforward. I took a point in Inner Sanctum because I needed a point to get to lower tiers and a little extra passive survivability is no bad thing if a powerful healing talent isn’t available instead.

    I’m not big on the smite-heal style, so no Evangelism, Archangel or Atonement.

    Perhaps the most controversial selection is actually in my glyphs, where I have the Prayer of Healing glyph instead of, say, Power Word: Shield. I feel that Power Word: Shield’s glyph was much more valuable in Wrath, when you could throw out a lot of shields on injured targets and get a heal for each one.

    Now, with the mana cost, I’m generally only shielding a couple of targets at any give time, which means not a lot of healing from the glyph. Instead, the Prayer of Healing glyph gives me more punch as an AoE healer. Granted, holy is the spec for true AoE healing but even when I’m a tank healer in disc…I’ve noticed plenty of times where the tank is stable and I want to help out with all the raid healing. The glyph gives me more bang for the PoH buck during those times. I can actually put out some decent raid healing output while keeping the tank up.

    • Argh, I realized I also wanted to say that I really like Surge of Light, in the holy tree. Mana isn’t much of an issue, or else I’d have taken Veiled Shadows. It’s really the instant nature of the SoL procs, rather than the free part, but I won’t complain about saving the mana.