Discipline Priest Guide Up — 7 Comments

  1. Me, earlier: No raid today… I wish I could play my priest! But I really cba googling about Disc… too bad Zel didn’t post her guide.

    Me, now: Squuuueee!

  2. Heya Zel, its Christine, this is somewhat off topic and I was looking for your email add but can’t find it, Anyway, just to give you an update. I was having trouble with my blog site over at Christine’s Blog now a days I keep getting errors with my links, I even tried different methods, reading a lot of articles on how but it didn’t helped. So, I decided to move and created a new priest site over at where my old site actually started (I know I regret moving =(.. it was a last resort I know I work so hard on the old site but I am more focused to my new site now over at Amerence Love WoW so hope you can update your blogroll link for me. >.< I apologized. but anyway, To all wow bloggers out there, come and visit my site! hoping for your support. thanks again Zel! God speed and Keep up the good work! I'll be dropping by… =D

      • lmao! Zelll!!! so sorry im giving you a hard time am I? I am now primary spec shadow now: (I saw the blogroll category, thanks but wrong category >.<!) I've been shadow priest since 3months ago. I am having fun with it. No discipline spec for me anymore. though I still heal as holy as secondary if guild need me to. but I am having fun playing damage caster now! Melting faces… hehehe.