Hey… I made a shadow priest guide.  I know very little about shadow priesting (though I did study up for the sake of the guide), so I expect SCATHING comments about how WRONG I am.  Primarily, this guide is for holy and discipline priests trying to have a viable DPS spec.

Also, because you non-healers might be afraid of a page entitled “healer addons” (the. horror.), I split off the addons that are used by pretty much everyone into their own page.

That is all.  Carry on.


Shadow Priest Guide Up — 9 Comments

  1. Awesome guide Zel! and very well updated for Patch 4.1 I did put a guide on my other blog for shadow priests but I haven’t got a chance to update it. Anyway, Keep up the good work! =D

  2. All told, it’s a pretty good guide. Very comprehensive. Here are my thoughts:

    It’s ticks SW:Pain that generates shadow orbs, not SW:Death.
    Consuming an orb gives you a 10% damage boost at low levels; it’s much higher post-80 due to the mastery stat.
    Mind Sear currently damages the target if it’s non-friendly. Not sure if that’s a bug.
    Your cooldown section is missing the most important DPS cooldown of them all: Shadowfiend!
    Inner Will is a terrific buff to use in raid fights that involve heavy movement, like Atramedes.
    Mana Tide doesn’t do anything for shadow priest mana regen.
    The Glyph of Spirit tap has uses beyond leveling — it’s awesome for running five-man heroics, PvP, and running Tol Barad dailies. Basically, if the target you’re killing would have awarded you experience had you not already been at level 85, you’ll get the Spirit Tap proc. I consider it mandatory.
    Yellow, green, and blue gems? No no no no no no no no no no no no NEVER. There’s no excuse for using them. Always use a red, orange, or purple — and even then, almost always red to the exclusion of all else.

    • Would it be a good idea to trim down the list of possible enchants? Obviously some are better than others. At the same time, while spirit/hit enchants are not ideal (int! haste!) for a person far from hit capped, they may be the best option for some slots.

      • Reforging is good way to balance your stats too, and not just take it from enchanting and gemming.. If you are below hit cap take consideration that other races are also have racial abilities to help boost their hit cap. I always reforge my Crit-spirit (Spirit is equal to hit). or Crit-Haste after getting the hit cap.

  3. I agree with Fox, and in regards to rotation Shadow Orbs have an 18% chance to proc off SW:P and Mind Flay ticks. Any time you use Mind Blast or Mind Spike with one or more Shadow Orbs up, you will gain a buff called Empowered Shadow, which increases dot damage by 10%. I would advise starting fights with SW:P (running in to position), VT and DP. at this point, I use my Shadowfiend as well, but you may decide to save it depending on the situation. Once your dots are up, Mind Flay til you get your first orb. Mind Blast to buff Empowered Shadow, reapply VT, and continue using Mind flay;

    To Recap:
    Run in, SW:P, VT, DP, Shadowfiend, Mind Flay til 1 orb. Mind Blast. reapply VT. Mind flay using Mind Blast on cooldown and refreshing dots. Refreshing VT especially and should be your priority. Sub 25% SW:Death becomes top priority.

    Correct me if I am wrong, I don’t know how much percentage wise is changed on Patch 4.1 but so far I was still doing the same rotation and it seems to be working fine and hasn’t changed much, but so far as I run in 5 man Zul’gurub my damage output increased about 1-2k dps and I think thats a good sign.

    Speaking about Gems:
    Red = Brilliant Inferno Ruby
    Purple = Purified Demonseye
    Orange = Reckless Ember Topaz
    Meta = Burning Shadowspirit Diamond

    Anyway, Have a good day!

    • Good points. I have yet to find agreement about the proper opening sequence (EJ says “coming soon” which is… irritating). I’ll test out your suggestion!

  4. Really good list!

    I am currently raiding mostly as shadow after spending the initial couple of months of Cata in my more accustomed holy spec, so the cobbling of pieces for a set is something I am very familiar with! :-)

    Like Fox mentioned, Spirit Tap is really handy in heroics and also on longish trash pulls like at the start of BoT for instance. Then again swapping from healing to shadow, one is likely to have lots of spirit on gear, so mana concerns will probably not be that major. Unless a fight requires me to use a lot of Mind Sear (it GULPS mana, or at least it used to), I rarely have mana problems, so I use Shadowfiend and Archangel purely as boosts to DPS. SW:Death is highly unlikely to kill you or even do very noticable damage unless you are very low in health. On something like Cho’Gall where I need to cast Mind Sear a lot on the slimes, I usually end up using it all the time it is off CD.

    One thing to remind people new to shadow priesting is that Cure Disease pops you out of Shadowform. So just beware that you will need to remember to pop back straight after.

    Also I would highly recommend glyphing Psychic Scream. Not only for when fighting solo or in 5-mans to avoid them bringing friends, but on fights like Cho’Gall it is does help when you have to break people out of worship and they don’t end up running of to the other side of the room before it gets dispelled. :-)

  5. Knowing you, I’m sure this is completely awesome. However I didn’t understand a word of it. Oooh, look at the pretty flowers…..