Just when they thought they were out, we pulled them back in.

Mortigan has been back for a little while now, but his sarcasm appears to be intact.

Non Squishy Heals.  Our pally healer friend is back and diving into the 20 day blogging challenge.

Pixelated Executioner.  Arms warriors rejoice!  Pixelated Executioner is back with armsy goodness.

Oddcraft.  Vrykerion just could not stay away for long.  Apparently WoW is just too damn weird.


Parliamentary Papers (Blog Resurrection Edition) — 4 Comments

  1. I thank the Honorable Gentlemurloc from Elwynn for his kind words. Whether I will be ever elevated to the front bench of the blogging world is still out for debate :). It is always a loss to the wider parliament when our esteemed colleagues retire or disappear through electoral re-distributions (or class/talent changes).

    Maybe it is just that some of us are just too full of hot air to find it easy to leave!

  2. Thanks for that, I used to have Non-Squishy Heals on my blog roll for a little while just before it closed down. More food for the blog roll!

  3. Thanks for the link! And yes, Azeroth is just getting weirder by the day. Just the other day, I stumbled upon the bones of a pre-historic giant azerothian rabbit at the bottom of a lake. O_O