Today, we’re going to learn to download the latest alpha – which is useful information to have after a patch, when the release version is broken. I am using Grid as an example for illustration only – the release version of Grid works fine.

I don’t recommend running alphas or betas unless the release version is totally not working.

1. Find the Development Site

Curse isn’t going to have the alphas or betas.  However, they list the development site!

In this case, the dev site is WowAce, but Curse Forge works roughly the same way. Except the background is black.  But the layout is exactly the same.

2. Don’t Download From the Front Page of the Dev site

See the download link on the front page?  You’d THINK it’s the most recent version.  But it’s not.  It’s the most recent release version.  Which is NOT why you’re poking around the development site, is it?

3. Find the Version You Want

Usually it’s the most recent version.  But maybe you want the beta released immediately before the most recent alpha.  Scroll down and click on the version you want.

4. Download from the VERSION page.

See, now we’re on the page for the specific version of the addon that we want.

You can download from any of the links on this page, it will work correctly.  You can even use the Curse Downloader if you’re into that sort of thing.


How to Install Alpha and Beta Versions of Addons — 2 Comments

  1. If you are using the Curse Client (which is NOT, by the way, full of trojans, viruses, or unsavory characters, despite what you may have heard), it’s very easy. Right click on the addon, select INSTALL TYPE (I think that’s the tag), then either RELEASE, ALPHA, or BETA.