I know you guys are DYING to hear what’s happening in Eff…


Charlie Sheen is No Longer Lowest

The lowest guild rank is now “Alashole.”



Uh yeah, we’re 9/12.  The progress seemed glacial, with one new boss every couple of weeks, but lately it isn’t taking us very long to master a new one.  Of course, now we’re to the rly hard bosses…

Raid Rostering

Early on, we had to scrub raids pretty often if someone couldn’t make it.  Now we’re at a comfortable 13 regular people for 10 slots.  We created a “sit out” rotation that is hopefully fair to everyone.

I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty details of this sit-out rotation because the sitting out is rarer than you’d think.  Once in a blue moon we have 2 people sit out at the same time.  More often it’s one person on rotation.  But it’s also likely that we have nobody sit out, because something “came up” at the last minute and our scheduled sit-out ends up subbing in.

I’m pretty happy with the scenario of sitting out once every few weeks rather than having to scrub a raid every time 2 raiders go on vacation together or so-and-so’s boss issues an irrational edict.

Team Heal Rules!!!

First, I am quite a vicious tyrant about the healer channel being ONLY for healers who are currently in the raid as a healer.  That limits the voices to 3, and makes it much easier to coordinate.  And snark.  But mostly coordinate.

We work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and have a fluid approach.  Each of us has done tank and raid heal duty, and we shift assignments every freakin fight based on what is best for that fight.


Alas has imposed the master looter duty upon a few of us who were “volunteered” into it.  Nobody should have to raid lead AND administer the lewts.  While we flail a bit with KSK (despite Alas’s excellent guide), we muddle through.

Boring Banking

Flasks and Such

Props to Grimmtooth who is providing flowers which become flasks and go into the guild bank.  We’re maybe halfway to the cauldron achievement, and we’re not spending exorbitant AH prices.  (I almost threw up when I saw how much volatile lifes were going for.)

Now that Grimm’s switched to engineering for rocket boots or other such nonsense, I’ll have to get new farming minions.


The BOE thing was somewhat of a debate.  So, if you’re IN the raid and the BOE drops, you can get it same as any other BOP item that drops.  But what if you’re not in the raid?  There was discussion, and we ultimately decided that everyone had a week to request the item.  If you want it and it’s appropriate for your spec, you get “suicided” in the suicide kings rank, as if you had won it during a raid.  If nobody requests it, it gets sold to fund the gbank.

Bank Repairs

These are to be used ONLY for guild raiding purposes.  Alas will break the fingers of anyone who is caught repairing from guild funds at other times.  And except for accidental screwups, it works fine.


We rule, y’all are jealous.  Jealousy is natural.


Effing Update — 3 Comments

  1. We are actually only 330 flasks away from the achievement. We should try to have the cauldron achievement by the time we get to guild level 20, then the cauldrons will produce enough flasks for everyone in the raid.

    I still support the idea of, once we hit level 20, we just buy up all the mats to make the remaining flasks. We then turn around and use those flasks as the mats to make the cauldrons.