This weekend, I tested out Lightwell Geespot.  Previously, I did not want to use this addon because it lacked a config menu, and I was not about to muck about in the LUA.

I’m going to say that this was a LIMITED test drive in the sense that I did not want to annoy my guildies with senseless blather.  For this reason, I primarily used the “announce to self” feature.


For announcing to the group, I would still recommend Raeli’s Spell Announcer.  However, for enhanced, detailed information for yourself, I recommend Lightwell Geespot.


You hit /lwg to get the config up.  The first page is a weird stats page that has potential but doesn’t appear to be working properly.  Just hit the “configuration” button.

Here’s the config menu:

Channel Options

Now, here’s the problem with the channel options.  You can select self, group, raid, say etc – but unlike Raeli’s you cannot use “smart announce” that outputs to raid when you’re in a raid and outputs to a group when you’re in a group.

Announcement Options

About the above options, in order…

Whisper the player who used lightwell above the threshold. This option will send an annoying whisper to a lightwell clicker that they used the lightwell above the health threshold, and that some of it was overheal – and you know, overheal is bad.

However, I’m not going to be doing a damn thing to discourage lightwell use.  I’ll worry about overheal when all the charges are actually getting used.  See how there’s no screenie?  I’m not annoying my guildmates with this.

Verdict: Not recommended, unless reducing lightwell overheal is an important strategy for your raid team.

Announce who improperly used lightwell. This announces in a specific channel who clicked the lightwell when over the health threshold – unlike the above option where it whispers the clicker

Can you imagine this spamming in chat? Ew, annoying.  Your ass would be kicked out of the raid.

Verdict: You can use it as self-only if you want that information. Do not use for announcing publicly. If your raid values reducing lightwell overheal, use the whisper option, above.

Announce who used a lightwell.  Hells yes, this is what it’s GOOD FOR.  Now, Raeli’s Spell Announcer does tell you who used the lightwell, but it does NOT tell you how many charges are left.  Observe the comparison:

As you can see, RSA does the job but does NOT give you charges left.  Lightwell Geespot gives you charges left.  No contest for this!  (I turned off RSA for this and now only use Lightwell Geespot to show me who used the lolwell.)

Remember, folks, if you announce this to the raid, you will have your fingers broken by the raid leader.  Promise.

Verdict: Highly recommended for self-only. Do not use for announcing publicly.

Announce when lightwell has been placed.  On the upside, this announcement gives a lot of information (number of charges and average heal).  On the downside, it’s not customizable.  I am continuing to use Raeli’s Spell Announcer for lightwell placement.

I have it here set to announce to myself only.

Verdict: Recommended for announcement to raid, unless you have another announcer addon that you prefer.

Announce when lightwell has faded.  Sure, why not.  Again, I’d only announce this to self.  The raid does not need to know when the lightwell fades – only when it is placed.

Of course, there are plenty of ways of tracking lightwell expiration, but this is another reminder.

Verdict: Take it or leave it.  Use it if you find it helpful, but other addons are just as good for noting when lolwell fades.  Do not announce to the raid.


Test Drive: Lightwell Geespot — 2 Comments

  1. I tried this add-on yesterday, after seeing someone mention it on your blog. I couldn’t get it to work! I tried being in a party, in a raid, by myself. Then I thought about writing a post for this anyway, since other people seemed to be having success with it and I didn’t know if that should stop me from wanting to write about it.

    Gah, but then you beat me to it! It sounds fun and like it has potential, but I feel like there are already things that can do what it does and you can just assume peruse the logs after a fight and determine who wasn’t clicking it and such, too. But for someone who may not have experience with those things or who just hates to do that (log splicing isn’t for everyone), this would be a great alternative.

    Thanks for the guide, Zel!

    • According to the curse page: “Must be in a instance(BG and Arenas not supported, right now)”

      I tried this in a raid. Did you try it in actual combat? Not just in a raid group but in an actual RAID?