As you might recall, Twig had a very long phase of obsessive, singleminded love for Kung Fu Panda (the original). So for MONTHS now I have been planning and plotting around the release weekend of… KUNG FU PANDA 2!

This weekend is the big weekend.  Ok, so we can’t go until Tuesday.  But on Tuesday, get psyched, because we will see THE PANDA.

Are you excited yet?

How about now?  There’s a lot of awesomeness going on.

I know you want to RUN to your local theater right now.  It’s ok.  The boss won’t mind.

Omg, it’s le awesomeness!

Holy crap guys, baby panda flashbacks!  Why are you not at the theater RIGHT NOW?

NO SPOILERS! Twig might see!


The Day Has Arrived for NEW PANDA MOVIE — 8 Comments

  1. Haha, does Twig know? Or are you going to take her in and sit her down and have it be a complete surprise? Either way, I bet she’ll be thrilled. 😀

  2. My Boyfriend and I just watched this today! It was an awesome movie loved it! Can’t wait for Part so Po can meet his Real Dad and other Panda. =D