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With Satrina Buff Frames looking for an addon updater, I went searching for something new.

Aura Frames is awesome for buffs and debuffs.

Why It is Awesome

1. You can do multiple “containers” for sorting buffs and debuffs. For example, sorting by time is not enough for me.  I created a new container for auras without a duration (pally auras), then buffs with a duration of 30 minutes or more, and then a third container for buffs with a duration of under 30 minutes.

2. You can do frames or bars or both.  I have my buffs in frames and debuffs in bars.

3. You can do junk with dot timers for your target.  I admit, I use another addon for this, so I’m only really focusing on the buff/debuff on self part.


OK, getting to the config menu is easy.

General options allow you to hide the blizzard buffs (recommended) and your boss addon bars (DO NOT DO THAT).

Then… you create a container.  Bars or buttons.  Not sure what that third option does.

After creating the container, decide what it will show:

In what order the buffs/debuffs will display

And the layout… like how big the boxes are, etc, what kind of text, cooldown sweeps, and so on.

Move them around…

And set warnings (like expiration warnings)…

Advanced Lessons: Filters

Now comes the fun part.  Filters.  The default options are not that good.  You’re gonna need to go into expert mode.

First up, we’re going to look at my “buffs with a duration of over 30 mins” as an example.  I used the option of “original duration” because I don’t want the buffs to drop to a different category as they tick down.  But you can do it that way if you want and do your containers based on time left.

Now, let’s look at my options for the short buffs:

This one has 2 conditions, connected with an “and”.  You can also do conditions connected with “or.”  In this case, I put “under 30 mins”.  Simple enough…  However, persistent auras without a duration count as zero duration (which makes no sense to me, but whatever).  In order for these NOT to show up in my short-buff bar, I made sure that the original duration DOES NOT EQUAL ZERO.  Problem solved.


Test Drive: Aura Frames for Your Buffs and Debuffs — 5 Comments

  1. Ooh, thanks! I’ve been wanting a buff frame addon since SBF died, especially because all I want is a whitelist of buffs appearing so I can know at a glance how much bloodlust is left, stuff like that. I’ll definitely try this out. 😀

    • If you use the advanced filters, you can easily do a “list” – either a blacklist or white list. I use a black list on my debuffs – for example, to not show weakened soul. You can have one container for all your normal buffs and one container for white listed buffs (bars, icons, whatever).

      Also, right clicking to cancel buffs works with Aura Frames.

  2. Excellent! I’ve been poking around for another buff addon that would show pies instead of bars and also allow right click canceling. (Does this allow right click canceling? D:)