I am freakin UP TO HERE with stupid Jin’do.  I’ve done all the bosses in ZG like a bajillion times, but every time we get to Jin’do, we just DIE.

Now, this isn’t your basic shit-pug.  This is our crack team of all-guildies on their mains being HARD CORE.  I’m assigned a suicidal bodyguard to keep the spirits off me (Warlock).  The tank also attempts to keep me alive.  I blow all cooldowns (as Alas says, “Blow early, blow often”) and I STILL get my little gnome face gnawed off by evil spirits who are IMMUNE TO PSYCHIC SCREAM.

What. The. Hell.  I swear I need Chakra: Pwn and Holy Word: Win!

It’s not just when I’m healing.  It happens to ALL our guild groups.  All our healers, all our tanks.  OK, maybe Morehnai’s finished once, but other than that…. what the hell, right?

I need help.  WE need help.  It is crushing Alas’s SOUL not to have the achievement for finishing this damn instance.

Thank you for your time.


Jin’do must die. Or Hakkar must be unchained. Something like that. — 20 Comments

  1. See, Jindo is the one I have the *least* amount of problems with. I remember even getting him down in one or two tries on the PTR.

    What my guildies and I seem to have an issue with is the Amani bear runs. Fuck, they’re hard! I know I have talked about how I felt they may not be deserved this time around, but the runs are not as easy as I assumed. I tip my hat to anyone who can get them, when the runs are as hard as they are right now. I just hope they stay at that level of difficulty.

  2. Keep your dps off the chains and only killing the small spirits until all 3 shields are broken. Priority is breaking shields > not standing in a shadow nova > dpsing small adds > dpsing chains

    Once all the shields are down, your tank can pick up all the little adds and whittle at them while your dps blow up the chains.

    Works like a charm for us every time, it’s when the dps get distracted by trying to dps chains AND adds that things go awry.

    • See I was under the impression (possibly WRONGLY) that removing all the bubbles first and THEN killing all the chains no longer worked. Something about a change in the last patch? Have you used this technique recently (in the last 2 weeks)?

    • You know, this idea makes tremendous sense! The biggest problem has been those stupid little spirits and the fact that the tank can’t possibly help gather them up when he has to to get the big add. DPS have some control over the spirits, but by the time we get to the third chain there are just way too many.

      If we focus on just getting the shields down as fast as possible, hopefully the tank can then deal with keeping the spirits away from the healer while we switch to killing the chains.

      • You’re right, it makes a lot of sense. I really thought that approach had been nerfed, or it creates more spirits, or something…

  3. I finished it 5 times in fact I think. 3 times with guildies and twice in pugs (I think rhee and furiel might have been there).

    In all seriousness if you want me to tank it just for you just tell me when and I’ll make it my job to get you through Jin’do!

    • Sadly, I’ve finished this encounter many time in pure random PUGs, but never with guildies. If you luck into a solid random group, a maxed out PUG buff can really make a difference on this fight. The chains go down faster, the spirits are easier to control, etc.

  4. Try staying with the tank (except when he grabs a big guy). The tank should be using AoE attacks (HotR, Thunderclap, Swipe, DnD), which will peel the adds off you. Ranged dps should be on the chain nodes and dpsing the small adds; Multi-Shot is win here.

  5. Slow and Steady wins this race. The key to the fight is the giant purple puddles – everything standing in a puddle takes 100% more damage, that includes spirits, the big add, and most important, the chains (and it’s ok to stand in the purple as long as nothing is hitting you).

    Don’t stand in the white circles, stand near a chain that is shielded. Range stays on adds (and it’s better with 2 range 1 melee, or 3 ranged, 2 melee 1 range is tough). Big guy jumps, kill big guy, everyone kills the chains. Then go get another big guy and repeat. Profit.

  6. Ow, so many tactics! Here is the one that always works for me:
    First of all, try to get the chains broken as fast as possible, the more jumps (aka body slams) you fail the worse. Like significantly worse. So make it top priority to get those jumps where they should be. Secondly, those spirits are hell. Therefor we always assign at least one dpser (preferrably ranged) that has no other business than to kill those adds, the other two will burn down the chains. As long as you have someone to help you get the spirits off your back and land those body slams the first jump, it’s usually a kill.

  7. Ah, the lament of the squishy dress-wearer!

    We start with everyone next to a chain, avoiding shadow novas. Ranged kill spirits to keep me safe. Melee kill chains after the big guy jumps. After each jump we’ll reposition to the other chains. It is, as mentioned, very important to get those first 3 jumps onto the 3 chains or you’ll get overwhelmed by spirits. Standing near the tank is a good idea if the tank is holding the large add near a new chain.

    If you were me (aka: awesome paladin) you’d make use of Speed of Light to sprint away from spirits and Holy Wrath to lock them down for a moment when you get surrounded. You’d also yell at the ranged dps to get the damned things off you NOW!

    If you weren’t me then you’d hit the gym, go buy Plate Specialization, and look into pink accessories.

  8. My personal Jin’do story is that the first time I did ZG, in a guild group, we wiped and wiped and wiped on this guy until everyone else gave up and went to bed. Being stubborn, I requeued for four puggers, and we one-shot him. That felt vaguely embarrassing.

    Anyway, I know your healer pain. The one thing that struck me about your post is that having a warlock as your sole bodyguard might not be the best idea, as the spirits only have piddly amounts of health and it’s all about bursting them down quickly with AoE. Hunters and warriors are great for that.

    Otherwise I think it should go like that:
    – Tank fetches big guy, dps pews spirits.
    – Tank tanks big guy, dps pews big guy while making sure not to kill him before the body slam. Both tank and dps use AoE moves as well to do incidental damage to the spirits.
    – After a bubble is broken, dps nuke the chain (I don’t agree with whoever suggested leaving them alone, you want that 100% damage buff from the purple circle left behind by the big guy), while tank runs around and mops up more spirits – after all the chain doesn’t need tanking.
    – Chain dies, rinse and repeat.

    So basically, you don’t need to assign one person to focus on the spirits, but someone should always be AoEing them, whether it’s the tank, the dps or both. That said, I agree with Joe Ego above that paladin healers have it significantly easier on this fight as far as survivability goes. Plate ftw.

  9. Lots of valid tactics. The way we always do it is:

    Everyone stands on a chainbubble that needs broke once the first big add is pulled. EVERYONE, including the healer and the tank. The faster the chains are nukable the more manageable the fight is. We utilize the purple puddles as well to make sure they die fast and the nasty little flyers don’t pile up; we do this instead of saving them all for a last burn, but both tactics work.

    Big adds die after 1-2 slams/broken bubbles. Apparently the longer they live, the more they stack some buff that hurts the tank more, which makes the healer heal more and draw more aggro… They respawn, you don’t run out.

    Healer sits under the tank, who is AoEing. A ranged DPS is responsible for killing as many flyers as possible, prioritizing ones on or heading for the healer.

    As long as chains die fast and adds are managed, no matter which specific tactic you use, it’s doable. For our guild groups at least the most crucial piece of the puzzle seemed to be making sure each body slam lands on a chain- without the pug buff there simply aren’t many to spare before the ghosties just eat you alive.

  10. I’ve done it once on my hunter (she doesn’t really need anything from ZG) and…. lots of times on my healer. I think it mostly comes down to the DPS players needing to Do A Lot of DPS. The tank can only, as you say, gather up so many spirits, so the DPS needs to be killing them with a quickness and popping cooldowns on the chains whenever one is available. Priests are actually, IMO, the best option for Jin’do since we’ve got fade (yaaaay fade). I always wait as long as possible to fade, to the point where I’ll be tanking 2-3 spirits for a little bit (yay binding heal!) before I fade. Shadowfriend gets to chew on the first chains that are DPSable, and if possible I’ll stack hymn of hope with the little guy.

    I do mostly play as disc, which I feel like has better tools for it, between having pw:b, ps, and the ability to stack pi + angel wings together when things begin to fall apart. I’ve spiked to several sustained seconds of 15-17k HPS near the end of Jin’do, just spamming PoH on the party.

    But yeah. It’s mostly about your DPS doing a lot of damage to everything all the time.

  11. As a DPS who can easily handle the spirits (Frost DK, BM Hunter) I tell the other two DPS to just focus the chains, and I kill/kite/handle all the spirits. The group really has to manage the spirits, whether it be through a dedicated killer or taking things slow and steady, otherwise the healer is quickly overwhelmed and swarmed. And those things hit HARD. As for the big add stomps, I have found that there is very little room for error – a missed stomp basically equals a wipe. I have been in a group who has successfully beaten Jin’do with a missed stomp ONCE, and we had very high DPS.

  12. Thank you all for the tips! You guys are awesome. I was afraid that there’s no room for mucking up a bubble-burst and well, that’s totally correct. I will try, try again. And make everyone click the lolwell.

  13. That is a rough one to heal. On bad nights my holy Pally gets her face eaten, but at least I have my bubble and holy wrath for a little breathing room. When me and my husband run this, he plays a hunter, we assign 2 ranged to kill ghosies while the other dps smacks chains. I yell over to him when I get a ghost on me and he’s really good at running defense. We also found that getting a new big guy after he jumps helps control tank damage.

  14. Zel I’ve done it a few times too. If you want More and I can take you through it and both of us go tank spec for the last fight. More can gather spirits and I’ll bring the big adds up for their body slams. Dual tanks for the win?