I haven’t pugged in forever, but I did ONE LOUSY PUG last night.  Hey look, I found a jerk, on my very first try.

Apparently I did not zone back in FAST ENOUGH for the tank (who, by the way, was already on my last nerve for failing to wait for mana, even after I reminded him in chat, repeatedly… at which point I was told to “calm down.”)

He’s such a winner, maybe he’s Charlie Sheen.  Oh right, Charlie Sheen is a Warlock.


I Find ALL the Winners in Pugs: Time To Reopen the Bee Pit — 8 Comments

  1. I would be fibbing if I said that it was the game itself behind the reason that I left the game but essentially it is people like that too. For every amazing person I love in WOW there are 2 terrible people making the ratio just un-fun and upsetting.

    <3 Tar

  2. I am the Bee Pit’s biggest fan. Is that a bad thing?

    As dps I almost never leave a pug because of the long queue time. Last night I left 2 because of tanks with bad attitudes. And they get presents on top of it all. I love rewarding bad behavior.

    • I felt a little bad about leaving the DPS, but here’s the thing. I start out the instance with something like “Hey guys, I’ve only done this place once and didn’t finish. The RNG gods only seem to give me ZG, so any help would be appreciated.”

      I don’t remember the exact words. I do remember that I was met with DEAD SILENCE. From everyone.

      I probably would have tolerated finishing the instance with the tank, bastage as he was, out of courtesy for the DPS, if the DPS had paid me the slightest attention.

  3. I am starting to wonder whether bees are really a severe enough punishment for idiots like this one. We grow some seriously epic scorpions out here in the boonies of West Africa – might I convince you to repopulate the Pit with them instead?

  4. Ooooh! I’ve got one for ya!

    Setting: Throne of the Tides.

    Pull: First 5-pack leading to the Naga-lady boss

    Sequence of events: DL goes ‘Hey, wait up a minute’ and begins marking CC, as this pack in particular has 3 melee, 2 casters. Not healers, casters. The kind with chain lightning, right? So he gets one mark up(moon, we had a mage, which means sheep, right?) and then the tank charges in. I manage to get a hex tossed on the other caster.. which is promptly broken by AoE. The two casters then proceed to chain lightning through the group, causing a wipe. I(the healer) am promptly kicked, because it was completely and utterly my failure fault for not being able to out heal two casters in a heroic spamming chain lightning at will through the group.

    Into the bee pit, the lot of them.