There have been some discussions in the guild lately about how we can do better raiding as a team.  And when we talk about teams, sooner or later we get around to just how AWESOME Team Heal is.  Because we totally are.

Alas even came in and said something like “they communicate and support each other to get their collective job done.”  But it was hard to hear her over the sound of our own awesomeness.

"There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness."

The result of this is a slightly worshipful attempt by Team DPS and Team Tank to emulate us, the awesome team heal members.  This means they have created their own private chat channels for use on raid nights.

And they won’t let anyone else into their secret little channels!  We don’t even know the names of the channels! Oh the horror!  The exclusivity!  The… oh wait, that’s how we run the healer channel.  Never mind, carry on.


Team DPS and Team Tank Attempt to be Like Team Heal — 19 Comments

  1. Let’s be honest here, in tank chat we hammer out the serious issue of “Who takes skull and who takes X?” and “Which of us will pull this boss first?” then we talk about how much more awesome than team heals we are.

    • I no likey. Confining such discussion to your exclusive tank channel will deprive the raid of one second of my ever-so-precious dps.

  2. Since my first attempt at enslaving the other tanks was met with disproval I went with the tank channel. Convo usualy goes like this.

    Orv: Team heals suck
    Morehnai: I’ll go stare at Cho’gall balls for the next minute and then we switch
    Orv: Ok
    Morehnai: Team heal still sucks
    Orv: Yep, they do.

    More or less we insert a team heal sucks every two sentences I think.

      • Ahem? Then we of the Team DPS failure shall go eat a Twilight Meteor or purposely DIAF and let you guys have fun with that little thing called an enrage timer…have fun! kthnxbai :)

        • No, Nymphy, I thought we talked about this, we show up, we don’t stand in the bad, we position ourselves correctly at all times, dodge fireballs, gather for blackouts, etc and do nothing else except laugh at them when they fail to kill the boss and he eats them when the timer hits.

  3. My heal team has recently started using a channel and it’s worked well for us, mostly because I can relay to my dear husband, our raid leader, what we’ve discussed. I don’t think I’d find it as useful if we weren’t communicating some of our decisions.

    It’s been a slow process; it took a while for us to get beyond “people whispering me asking stuff” to “ok, let’s have a channel and do this right”. I’ve noticed that our heal team communication is spilling over into other guild raids. Recently the druid from the other progression raid talked to me about heal team leading, since she got put in charge of their team. The idea of a “heal team” is still a little new to our guild for some reason and I think my cheerleading in our raid has really given it momentum.

    • Communicating decisions is key! How we do it: First we set up healing assigns. Usually there’s a bit of back and forth about who is doing what to make sure we’re all comfortable. Then I (or whoever else is “leading” team heal) says over vent what the assigns are (briefly). The tanks like to know who is their assigned healer so they make sure to stay in range. And, of course, the RL wants to know, for assigning positioning.

      • So I went to a different raid that our guild does last night. Their healer lead asked me to join a channel so I did. We did… almost nothing useful, mostly just whined about how bad the raid was going. I was really glad the raid leader wasn’t in the channel but at the same time it wasn’t helpful. Unless preventing us from ragequitting is help… ok so Nefarion is a hard fight and whining is ok but that was bad. Certainly there was no communicating back to the raid.

        It really made me appreciate my raid a lot….