If you are a shadow priest, and even if you’re not, you might be using ForteXorcist.  Hey, it appears in the UI of Aliena, the holy priest who narrates the Tank Spot videos.  So if she uses it, it’s hard core, right?  (There are other addons that are out there that are just as good, but we’re not talking about them today, k?)

Anyhoo, there used to be a big warning that clones were not working, so I did not bother.  But now they are, and I am super-excited.

What Is A Clone?

Simply put, it’s a copy of something you already have, complete with all the same settings.

But you don’t want to keep an EXACT copy.  Two bar sets that do the same thing are not cool.

The whole point is that you copy over your settings to the clone, and then you make some tweaks so that the clone is useful in its own right.  However, you don’t have to redo all the options you’ve already set that you like, such as bar size, bar texture, font size, and other things that are time-consuming to duplicate.

If you click "New" you get "clone of X" (whatever tab you were on when you clicked "new"). You can rename "Clone of X".

See FAQ: How to make a new profile or clone

What’s Linking?

There are three types of linking.  Linking PROFILES, linking CLONES (bar sets), and linking individual OPTIONS (like bar thickness).

Here’s what linking does: the items are exactly the same, and will stay exactly the same.  If you make a change to one, you make a change to the other.

I do not recommend automatic linking, period. There is nothing more frustrating than finishing modifying your NEW bar set only to find out that you inadvertently applied all those settings to your OLD bar set and have to undo them all.  If you want to link, set the default to not link, and have linking be a purposeful choice.

If you want to keep your settings the same across all toons, you don’t need linking.  You just need to use the same profile.

Where linking might come in is if you want to use some (but not all) the same bars across toons.

This has automatic linking enabled (not recommended). It also describes how to un-link something.

See FAQ: Using Linking

Example: My Shadow Setup

You're gonna have to click to embiggen. Srs.

As you can see, I have 3 sets of bars pictured (and one not shown).

Set 1. My current target.  It will include all dots that I’ve applied.  I have decided not to include other people’s dots at this time, but I could.

Set 2. All targets of my offensive spells.  This includes my current target, but also includes my focus and any other mob I have dotted up.   Notice here, I have multi-dotted 3 target dummies.  The one that is not faded is my current target.

Set 3. My cooldowns.  I use this bar set only for longer cooldowns over a minute.  I have filtered out shorter cooldowns such as prayer of mending.

Set 4. (Not Pictured) This bar set is for my focus and shows ONLY my crowd control spells.  That allows me to keep an eye on my shackle duration when I’m using a focus target.  I have filtered out other debuffs on the focus.

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