As we talked about before, guild cauldron making is srs bzns.  I do a lot of herbing, and there is nothing more annoying than having to mount and dismount while some annoying DRUID BIRD swoops down and yoinks the flower.

Especially when you’re a moron, like me, and forget to swap from holy spec, and end up smiting weakly the mob guarding the herb while the stupid BIRD swoops down and swipes the flower.  Cackling.  With its beak.

No longer!  I’ve retasked my druid to herbalism.  It took a surprisingly short time to get back up to speed (thanks, old world flying) and now…

I’m that jerk.  Swooping down on your flower.  Cackling.  With my beak.

I was totally expecting some asshole to swoop down on my flower as I was posing for this screenshot.


I am the Jerk who Ganked Your Flower — 8 Comments

  1. That’s why my NElf Druid became a Tauren Druid, now I’m the one ganking your herbs when you’re already in the middle of herbing it. My 0.5 second herbing trumps your 2 second herbing.

    Gimme d’herbs! /beakcackle