So… 5 x 2 project.  Read about it here.  The idea is that you’re supposed to be able to bust into combat with a total of 11 abilities hotkeyed.

However, as a holy priest, I have a LOT of spells that I use all the flippin time!  I won’t bore you with the details of my SPECIFIC keybinds, but here’s a list of core abilities I use in every encounter.

  1. flash heal
  2. heal
  3. greater heal
  4. renew
  5. prayer of mending
  6. prayer of healing
  7. circle of healing
  8. holy word: chastise
  9. binding heal
  10. dispel
  11. chakra (I’ve counted chakra as 1 key to slim down the list, even though most priests use at least 2 chakra macros (1 for each chakra state).)
  12. fade (that’s serious business)

Oh noes, that is 12, not 11.  I just don’t see how ANY of these can be excluded!

Situational abilities that MIGHT be excluded…

  1. mass dispel (one could argue this is situational for the encounter)
  2. cleanse disease (one could argue this is situational for the encounter)

Now, you can argue that if these abilities are not needed for some encounters, so they can be taken off your bars and then put back as needed.  Totally valid point.  My problem with this is muscle memory.  If I keybind cleanse disease only for encounters that HAVE disease, I’ll be fumbling for it.

Cooldowns that are used a LOT and need to be used QUICKLY (and probably need to be keybound)

  1. guardian spirit
  2. life grip
  3. desperate prayer (which I use a lot)

Even the ones that might be used once per battle are not the kind of things that I can be late on.  Fumbling with clicking the mouse for Guardian Spirit?  Dead.

Long non-urgent cooldowns that can probably be clicked

  1. fiend
  2. lolwell
  3. hymn of hope
  4. d. hymn

My bare minimum arsenal of spells without ANY cooldowns is already 12 spells, not 11 (close!). Including my immediate cooldowns puts the count at 15 abilities.  (However, I have all of the above keybound, along with my racial, bringing the total up to 22).

TL;DR 5×2 doesn’t work for me as a holy priest, because holy priest has a lot of bells and whistles – and disc isn’t far behind.  (So I bought a Razer Naga.  Right now it’s blowing my mind.)

Does this mean that some classes are more accessible than others?  Or is it expected (by Blizzard) that we’ll find our favorite spells and ignore some tools in our arsenals depending on personal playstyle?


I Can’t Do 5 x 2 (but I can rhyme) — 5 Comments

  1. Amen. I have had so many people tell me that because I click, then I am a horrible player (having never seen me play before). Well, I’m sorry. I just can’t memorize keybinds like that.

    So, I use Vuhdo + the Logitech G13 keypad + the Razer Naga. The abilities I use most are either part of my Vuhdo heal set-up (so, yes, I’m clicking), or are set up as buttons on my naga. But I still move most often with my keypad (though I am perfectly capable of turning and running with my mouse when the need arises). And I’m not a horrible player. It works for me. *shrugs*

    • I think that when people talk about “clickers” as being bad, they’re referring to having a bunch of action bars set up and then using the mouse along that action bar to click actual abilities. I don’t think it matters where your hotkeys are… whether they’re ON your mouse or on your keyboard (with or without modifier). The point is that you’re not mousing over the abilities. Now – mousing over the raid frames – well you HAVE to do that. And clicking on them to heal them (like shift click) is not “the bad”. The bad would be if you clicked on a raid frame and then moved your mouse down and clicked on an ability. Oh, the horror.

  2. I’ve been running with a Naga since the start of 2010 and I love it. I’ve always used a click-casting setup for my healing, but had trouble with using cooldowns. The Naga has been great for that. Everything from Judgement, Holy Radiance, and Light of Dawn to Rocket Boosts, Hammer of Justice, and Holy Wrath to Divine Favor, Wings, and Arcane Torrent. I probably have almost 20 hotkeys just a pinky and/or thumb press away plus about 12 different click combinations for my frames.

  3. I use a few mouse clicks too for abilities I use less often and don’t need split second reaction. As for the 5×2 project I tried something similar before but found out I was loosing out on versatility. Still, it’s a good thought process to go through I think as it makes you think about some optimization to be had.

    • I think everyone probably has a few of these. I actually put Mana Tide on a click location because when I had it hotkeyed (to a letter) I kept accidentally triggering it and wasting the cooldown. I also click to cast fire and earth elemental and water walking/water breathing. Pretty much anything else I use, including situational totems like tremor and earthbind is keybound or bound on MY Naga.

      GO GO TEAM NAGA. We should make Laral get one and then we could call it the official mouse of Team Heal.