Holy shit, guys.

So one of my guildies sends me a message that a blog on my blogroll that shall remain nameless (but has since been removed from said blogroll) has at least 2 mostly-copied pieces from another site.  So I went to check it out.  Yep.  Mostly copied.  Pretty obvious when you compare.

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?

/cast Righteous Indignation

Into the pit!


Plagiarists Obviously Go In the Bee Pit Too — 12 Comments

  1. I hate plagiarists.

    Way back in the day when I was in Harry Potter fanfiction circles we had a plagiarist scandal… someone copying whole chunks of some obscure romance novel and changing the names. Man, the grief over that one…

    Sadly though, cheaters prosper, and that girl went on to get a three book yung adult novel contract for a thinly-veiled rewrite of one of her (non-plagiarized) fanfics.

    To the bee pit with plagiarists!

    • Ah, I remember that scandal from my days in the HP fandom as well. I’ve heard good reviews of the novels in question from people who probably don’t know about the author’s dubious background, but I can’t forget the taint of it and thus have avoided reading those books.

  2. I admit, you’ve got me wondering, too! That is incredibly frustrating and sad; I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Hopefully it’s the first and last time!

    • Fortunately it wasn’t someone plagiarizing ME – the person heavily leaned on 2 articles of a well-read blog. Once my guildie pointed it out, it was very obvious.

      • Oh, good, then it wasn’t me. I must confess that I don’t really pay much attention to who is or isn’t on your blogroll, and I’m actually fairly certain that I haven’t been on it to begin with. Occasionally, however, I cross-post entries between K-et-A and my RL LJ, and I have done so recently enough that I was a little worried that somehow you’d found me copy-pasting from myself 😛

  3. I sometimes rely on other bloggers, but I always make sure to give credit. I even mark that text specially so that no one can confuse it with whether I wrote it or copied it. So I hope anyway 😛 Part of what’s so fun about being in a blogging community is how you can use other bloggers posts to start a discussion around a topic, give your own views on it and such. I think the posts get more interesting if you can link to other people who have written about the same thing but in their view.

    Would love to know which blog it is of course!

    (ps, your comment system doesn’t allow my blog url as website url o.O)

    • OK, I have no idea what’s up with it, because it’s standard wordpress default. Maybe if you don’t put the http:// it says that it’s not a valid.

  4. WoW! your guildmate has a good eye! I am curious who might that be though? and

    @Zinn it should work okay as long as you put the url as http://yourblogurlhere.com or even if its a standard wordpress login it is linked to gravatar if you have an account there. it should give link for your blogs and other social network sites. =)