Priest Guides Updated for 4.2

Priest guides have been updated (Holy, Disc, and Shadow).  Find them HERE.  The primary changes were to stat priority and some rotation tweaking on the shadow side.  There may be further changes once EJ updates their guides for 4.2.

Resource Links Sunset

What the Frak I’m talking About. These pages.  One page for each class.  Plus raiding, professions, etc.

Why Do These Pages Exist. Way back in the day, I used to keep a list of resources for my guild.  That way, if someone had a question about a specific class, I could just point the person to a link and say READ IT!!  Naturally, I posted these links to the blog because it was far easier to edit than the forum software.  Plus it was easier for me to find stuff I needed when I needed it.

But now, I’m not a resource for the guild.  They are bloggers and can find their own information.  Plus, I just started my own priest guides which are a bunch of work to keep updated.

How I update these pages… I read a lot of blogs, or at least skim them.  Every time I see a guide article, I flag it in my feed reader.  Once a week, I transfer the links from my feed reader to the appropriate page.  As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work managing that many blogs in my feed reader, and a lot of blog updating.

What prompted this post is that  MMO Melting Pot just posted all these updated guides, with links to the long-and-involved source material on EJ etc.  If I were a reader needing to find something now, I’d probably think “MMO Melting Pot has it” and not “Those Murlocs sure know Hunting” (which we totally do not).  I looked through Analytics and the pages get about 300 hits out of about 9000 hits (I’m severely rounding here) which is about 3% of blog traffic.  Not a lot compared to, for example, the priest guides.

TL;DR Keeping up the link pages is a HUGE pain in the ass, especially for classes we don’t play, and there are plenty of comprehensive resources in other blogs to fill that niche.  I will be sunsetting those pages.

(What that means is the pages will be up for another week or so for people to copy anything they need from them, and after that, I will take them down.)

And the Blogroll

I just can’t keep up with all these blogs on classes I don’t play.  Without needing to read them for the aforementioned pages, I’ll be downsizing that as well.  Besides, apparently nobody views my blogroll anyway!


Priest Guide Updates for 4.2 and Sunsetting the Resource Links — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the helpful Priest guides Zel. Keep up the good work. I wish I am good with that area of knowledge and theorycraft, but to share what you know and how to play the class I think thats good enough for me. hehe. I was updating my blogroll too, but with old friends in the community I don’t want to delete some of them, still there sites are good reads and I still give them credit to them here and there. =)

    I might start blogging again, after the move I was just stressed and still hunting for job right now. and top of that I havent been online in game thats why I cant talk anything and running out of ideas to share. But well see how it goes! =D