Yes, it’s true.  No matter how much fun you think you’re having, I am having more fun than you.

Here is why:

  • I do the stuff that I enjoy
  • I don’t do the stuff that I totally hate.
  • I sometimes do the stuff that I marginally dislike as a means to get to the thing I enjoy.  But not stuff I really hate.
  • The scientific ratio of enjoy to hate is pretty high
  • My friends are awesome
  • My friends are having fun too and it’s contagious
  • When I don’t want to play, I don’t play

I’m really bummed out by people talking about cataclysm being the death of the game, the slow winding decline, the death of the community, burnout… It’s a killjoy!

If I don’t like fish, I don’t eat fish.  I don’t continue to eat fish, complaining with every bite how disgusting it is.  Imagine if you were eating fish at that table too. It would kill all the enjoyment of your delicious fish.

I choose to be happy.  I choose to surround myself with people who are happy.  I choose not to do things that make me totally pissed off and ranty.  And therefore, I am definitely having more fun than you.


I’m Having More Fun Than You — 13 Comments

  1. Psh, I play when I want to, I don’t play when I don’t, I have fun, I don’t do the things I hate, my friends are having fun, and my friends once let me raid with them WHILE I WAS AT WORK.

    I think I’M having about as much fun as you. 😛

  2. Awesome post, Zel! I’ve had to start deliberately ignoring all the talk about Cataclysm being the death of WoW and how everything is ruined and boring. Too many posts around the web lately about how the top guilds in the world have already cleared everything in Firelands except for heroic Rag, and “did you mean for it to be this faceroll?” First, Firelands is not at all easy unless you are in a world top 10 guild that plays WoW for a living and second, take Zel’s advice and find and do those things that you enjoy while not doing the things you hate.

    “Analysts” have been saying that WoW entered it’s downturn/decline with the release of Cataclysm, and we’re now going to see it winding up even though it may end up taking years to do so. If that’s the case, I sure don’t see it, and I suspect that most, if not all, of our fellow Effers are too busy having fun playing this game to notice any so-called “decline”.

  3. While this is healthy, I can understand how people get caught in the trap of MUST DO ALL THIS STUFF and burn themselves out. I’m actually doing Molten Front dailies and have (so far) been capping myself on VP every week, even though this has meant lots of ZA dungeons, over and over and over again. Some of the folks in my guild haven’t been capping VP, and while that will slow down their gear acquisition and possibly our progress through the firelands, I’m fine with that if it means they don’t get burned out on the game.

    My boyfriend, when he’s playing, seems to kind of end up playing too much, and will start to do things like TB and random BGs and then get mad about how everyone sucks. I’ve tried to hint a couple times that he seems to burn himself out doing this and then quit for 3 months (leaving our guild without his really excellent DPS or healing). We’ll see!

  4. I think the point is not “the game isn’t fun” the point is “I cannot do what I want without relying upon other people, sometimes, unreliable people. People whom we’ve counted on have had changes in life, priority, interests”

    Using your chart, every unsubscription is doing EXACTLY what you’ve said: “When I don’t want to play, I don’t play.” Well, they don’t play. They don’t play in what feels like larger numbers, bigger droves. And with the spread so thin populace, we can’t even help our friends when they need it.

    But you’re having fun. Which is the point of the game.

    I just ask you to please consider that some others choices of how they play and enjoy the game are dependent upon people who may turn fickle at a moment’s notice.

    • It is a real BUMMER when people move on from the game and leave you in the lurch. I’m very fortunate in that Eff is full of people who are also having fun. Sometimes, in the interest of selfish fun, it’s better to jump ship to an environment where everyone ELSE is having fun rather than trying to revive a sinking ship (which is stressful and not-fun).

  5. I wish I could be in the US and come and eat fish at your table. Your attitude is exactly how I would like to be and I am continually fighting with other people to try to stick to it.

    …. but Seph, why haven’t you maxed out your Valor Points…. why don’t you have a dps spec ….

    … because I hate pugging and don’t have time or energy to do multiple heroics every night. I will get there eventually….. now go away and let me enjoy my archaeology and healing my way through firelands dailies in peace.

  6. I get two messages from your post, one that I wholeheartedly support and one that I find problematic.

    Naturally, everyone should stick to what makes playing WoW fun for them. Not everyone does, but that’s their loss.

    At the same time, you say that criticism is bad cause it bums certain people out. I know what you mean, I’ve been bummed out many times myself, but that doesn’t mean others should censor themselves, does it?

    I know you’re targeting the players who continue to do what makes them angry and then complains about it, but I think the issue is a little more complex than that. To make a long story short, I’ve consciously opted out of several activities within WoW, especially LFD cause it was a serious mood downer the majority of the time for me. However, this doesn’t mean I won’t pass on criticism to a part of the game I once enjoyed and now find that I hate: doing heroics (this is just one example).

    Essentially I think the WoW-players, who are both still playing and being very critical, care deeply about the game, else they would just silently quit and move on. Spinks wrote an excellent post related to this:

    • I wasn’t that clear, since this was an off-the-cuff wanna-have-fun post. It’s ok to dislike something and not want to do it. And say that it sucks. But then when people continue to do (whatever it is) and continue to be critical of it, that’s somewhat baffling. Situations emerge in the game that are not ideal – whether it’s a change to your class or the fact that some people left. However, what you do about it is up to you. If it’s something you hate that much, then fix it! The game should be a GAME and not a chore.