I knew I was in trouble when I gleefully offered to sit out a raid.  Twice.

See, I had been working ridiculous hours and the ONLY wow time I could afford was getting raid ready on my main, and then attending raids.  That is IT.  Now work has calmed down and suddenly I’m like… crap!  I haven’t played anything but my main in 6 months.

In 6 months, your standard altoholic is climbing the walls.  In 6 months even the most normal non-altoholic needs to do something else.  Anything else.

I went on a gaming binge.  I considered changing my main.  After all, we only have a part-time druid on Team Heal.

Then I came back to my senses.  Holy Priest is awesome.  Sure, we have a lot of priests, but Holy Priesting can fill multiple roles, any role that needs it, with our enormous toolbox.  That is really special for a constantly-shifting 3-person Team Heal.

The lolwell will remain.  For now.  USE IT, DAMMIT.

(Though, honestly, I am tempted to switch if only because leather gear has SPIRIT and I wouldn’t have to grind so many stinkin VEE PEE.)


I didn’t realize that I was burnt out until I started playing an alt — 7 Comments

  1. Zel,
    I’m happy that we’ll get to keep the lolwell for raiding. If now only people will *use* it! I’m super sad that Priesting has burnt you out! That’s certainly no fun.

    Also boo for no spirit on cloth from the firelands, that makes me so sad.

  2. Alts, you mean the other feral Druid I played on this server until my wife transferred my original feral Druid over as a birthday present? Or do you mean my DK I play the AH with? Who has time for such things? I have achievements to work on! Plus I’d feel bad if someone wanted my non-main to raid. I might miss achievements on my main. 😛

      • Not necessarily, last night was hearing many folks in raid complaining about not liking dalies. Achievements, seems to split 50/50, some people adore them, some people could care less. Then there’s me, who is getting frustrated at myself for letting my guard down. Since about a month into Cata, I had earned the #1 slot in my guild on achievement points. For a while I had several hundred more than anyone else. Another feral in my guild was slowly gaining on me, but I didn’t worry about it too much. Only he zoomed ahead in the first week of 4.2 and I’ve been scrambling since a then and I still only manage to keep 50 to 100 points behind him. It’s driving me nuts. Need moar points! 😉

  3. In 6 months, your standard altoholic is climbing the walls.

    I already sometimes quietly resent the way the arrival of a new patch diverts the bulk of my playtime and attention back from my alts toward my main(s). If I had to go 6 months with only enough WoW time for raiding and preparing to raid with Kamalia, WoW would lose a lot of its fun value for me.

    (Also, perhaps I have taken an excessive amount of time writing and rewriting this comment because I’ve been distracted by all the funny quote snippets at the bottom of the page. Especially the ones from Twig. 😀 )

    • You think that’s distracting? Alas has a quote snippet thing for funny things said by guildies. I am often mesmerized by it.

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