Well it’s Hot Lava!  Check it and see.  I got a fever of a hundred and three…

Ahem.  No more singing!

Back to srs bzns.  Overjoyed by the ability to get VP in T-11 normal (and outside the dreaded, dull, and repetitive Trollroics), I enthusiastically tackled farm night.  Until we got to Nefarion.  I had never done Nef.

I ran to my pillar on time.  It was the right pillar, too.  I hopped out of the lava… clear over the platform of the pillar and off the other side back into the lava.  WUT?  I tried again.  Hopped right over again.  Dead.

This is not the first time I have been confronted by jumping fail.  Remember Blackfathom Deeps?  That water jumping thing at the beginning?  Ugh.  Luckily we had a warlock who was good at jumping or I might not have finished.  He summoned me to the other side after a few too many (embarrassing) tries.  I was giddy when I found the way to skirt along the wall and avoid the jumping altogether.

How did I get past Thaddeus in Naxxaramus, you ask?  Levitate for the priest, cat-sprint for the druid.  I can’t make that jump on my own.  Not a chance.

The day I get the achievement for not getting static cling in Vortex Pinnacle is the day Hell freezes over.

I need to suck it up and learn to do it, but I know that these sorts of things do not come naturally to me.  I’m just not a coordinated person, and fortunately WoW is one of those games you can play pretty well even if you’re bad at timing and twitch.  And sports.  So, my learning curve is pretty long for jumpy things and, as luck would have it, the rest of the guild has already learned the encounter and it’s not cool for me to be causing wipes when basically everyone else has it down.

Maybe I’ll take a swim in the Stormwind Canals and practice hopping onto dry land.  That’s the closest I’m going to get to a practice dummy for jumping.


Hot Lava is my New Nemesis — 23 Comments

  1. I can’t do the jumping in Blackfathom Deeps either! I’m so glad I’m not alone <3 maybe I need to go there solo with an 85 and just…practice it.

    • We must band together and petition blizzard to cease and desist with the coordination exercises. Also: 3d fighting (Malygos, Al’Akir). Don’t get me started.

      • Wind Burst + Squall Line = moonkin flying off the platform. Phase 3 is just a pure panic-fest.

        I think they should make it an automated jump, like getting onto Magmaws’ head.

  2. For practice, you can come heal me next time I go looking for the Super Mario Bros. rare pet.

  3. You can jump *over* those? I can barely get my ass out of the lava and on them! I needed my boyfriend to stand next to me and say “swim! up! now stop! jump! now go in front!” until I managed to live through that. (Spamming myself with hots pre-transition helped too.)

    I usually need 2-3 tries in BFD too… and I regularly fall down holes in the unlikeliest places. I managed to find some lava in Firelands last night and my friend almost died laughing when I was suddenly gone.

    • I feel a little better now. I think I overcompensated for the fear that I could not get onto the platform and took a running/swimming LEAP at the pillar.

      When we did lurker, it was similarly disastrous, although I could save myself by swimming to the top, jumping, and then levitating. After levitating on the surface of the hot water, I could casually trot onto the platform. Hrm, I wonder if that would work with lava…

  4. You can’t levitate on Lava, once you take damage it cancels the levitate buff.

    Just so you know, I also jumped *over* the pillar on the same attempt that you… died.

  5. So – on my old guild’s first set of Nef attempts, I was ALWAYS the one who failed at jumping and would be dead in the lava, unable to even get onto the pillar at all. I felt horrible and guilty and utterly humiliated. This video helped me somewhat to get the hang of it – maybe it’ll give you some useful thoughts too. (I used to be That Tauren in SSC, too, when my hunter was my main, who couldn’t jump back out on Lurker..)


    • Ooh… interesting. I think I was jamming the spacebar like a coked-out ferret rather than the more leisurely (and probably smarter) hold-down-then-tap-to-jump-out method…

      • Yup, I’d been doing that too. Once you pop up out of the water, you can go forward – I’d often try to move forward too soon and get stuck under the lip around the edge. I found that a good place for me to stand before the lava came in was right about at that line on the ground that encircles the pillar.

  6. The best method I’ve seen, and use, is to stand next to the pillar with it on your shoulder (right or left). Swim up with the lava. When the lava is near the top, sidestep in the appropriate direction. Strafe. Or, as my guildies like to say: strife. 😛

    • Does this require hitting spacebar again when you reach the top? Also… do you hit strafe/forward BEFORE or AFTER you hit spacebar?

      • Any spacebar’ing is of the Mario style. Jump, then move in mid air. You don’t need to move far to get on the pillar. Once on the edge you can move quickly to take your hit box out of the lava and, if you’re pro like a Paladin, be the first person there to interrupt the Prototype and save the raid while your pillar-mates are jumping over the pillar repeatedly like flaming jackrabbits. The best part about the t11 nerfs has to be the increased survivability of Nef’s lava.

        Paladin particular: Aura Mastery is great for lava swimming in phase 2.

  7. I did the exact same thing as you our first attempts. 😀

    What I do is jump up, and then, move forward while in mid-air, which prevents you from hurling yourself forward like when you move forward while pressing jump.

    Alternately you could hang back a bit so that a forward-hurling jump carries you neatly onto the platform instead of past it!

    • See I never considered Jump-then-move because… that’s not the way physics works. If you’re not doing a running start IRL, you don’t go forward no matter WHAT you want to do in midair. Apparently, applying that logic to the game was a mistake.

      • Jump-then-move was how I finally got the hang of the Nef pillars! After firstly getting stuck under the lip, then jumping over. I think hanging back would require just a bit too much co-ordination from me.

  8. Oi, I was running in my alt’s guild last night and a shaman got on the wrong pillar. It wasn’t me, I swear, it was an ENHANCE shaman. *dirty look* Anyway, when he realized he was on the wrong pillar, he jumped off and swam to the RIGHT pillar! And survived. It was horrifying, but at the same time, enlightening.

    Don’t be in such a panic to jump that you do it crazily, it only takes a little hop. The lava won’t kill you if you take a bit of time and nobody’s running failbot to yell at you. :)

    Also, I hear Matticus jumped out of the canals into the rowboats for practice. 😛 Or some such. I remember the others on his podcast teasing him about that.

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