As Mama Murloc says, Twig is becoming an expert at the “NOT” joke.  What do I mean?  Remember Wayne’s World and movies circa that.  “I love watching the Love Boat reruns… NOT!”

So, Twig has decided that it’s fun to say things that are absurdly false and giggle maniacally.

Other than that, she just says funny stuff.


Twig: Mommy is a BOY!  Daddy is a GIRL!  (giggle giggle)


Twig: Need swim diaper.

Me: No, you don’t wear diapers anymore, so you don’t wear anything under your bathing suit.

Twig: Wear swim BUTT.


Twig: Turtles are good at swimming.

Me: That’s right.

Twig: Turtles are good at FLYING! (giggle giggle)  Turtles are good at JUMPING!  (more giggle)


Twig: (Runs in frothing at the mouth) White toothpaste is SPICY!

(Apparently she decided to try brushing with the adult toothpaste.)

Twig: … and a little gross.


Twig (at the cats): BE NICE!  NO BITE!


Twig: Mommy wear a DIAPER! Daddy wear a DIAPER!  (giggle giggle)


Twig: (getting into the car) Turn on air conditioner!  Blow all the hot out!


Twig: (at the bird feeder) I love the baby cardinal.  (Looks around the room) I love lamp.

Me: *dies*  (You have to see Anchorman to get this one)


Twig: Ice cream is DINNER (giggle giggle – but hopeful)

Me: Ice cream is dessert.



Twig-isms and Twig Jokes — 5 Comments

  1. Twig: (getting into the car) Turn on air conditioner! Blow all the hot out!

    I dunno why but this one really tickled me 😀

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