The hardest part of speccing Disc/Holy is healing with basically the same tools and using them completely differently.  I had to nix some of my holy habits – because they are quite awful in disc.

1.  Hands off the Renew.  Hands off!  I swear it’s a nervous tic… OMG STOP HITTING IT.

2. Why am I not going faster when I bubble myself?  OH CRAP IT WILL EAT MEH…

3. Prayer of Healing… Sparingly.  Stop jamming the button like a coked out ferret.  Hit it once and STOP.

4.  There is nothing bound to the COH button.  Stop jamming THAT like a coked-out ferret too.

5. There is no lolwell.  It’s ok.  They weren’t going to use it anyway.

6. Desperate Prayer for the… oh right, I don’t have it.  /die

7. Dome is pretty and sparkly.  Oooooh.  Now where’s the button for that sucker?


Bad Holy Habits in Discipline Spec — 11 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with using Prayer of Healing a lot in disc? At least one of our disc priests uses it more than I do as holy, and it regularly comes out as his #1 spell for effective healing done. He seems to perform quite well this way too.

    • I think it’s counterproductive to hit POH twice in a ROW as disc because of the Divine Aegis procs. At the point when I hit POH, I don’t know if there’s going to be that much subsequent incoming damage to eat away the Divine Aegis. I prefer to see if the DA shields get eaten by subsequent damage before investing in another POH.

      Also, casting 1 POH may be mitigated by using Inner focus. The second will not. It’s very mana-heavy.

      • Prayer of Healing is very effective to spam during high periods of AoE damage (like Beth’Tilac phase 2, Lord Rhyolith phase 2, etc). The DA boosts the benefit of it and stack even if not eaten immediately. Disc priests actually do their best HPS spamming PoH during high raid damage periods. Adding in the PoH glyph and it’s not particularly inefficient overall.

        Of course, it’s not sustainable for long…but in my view, disc priests are “burst” healers. Whether it’s keeping one or two people up through heavy damage or blasting through a high raid damage period, disc priests do well going through burst-and-conserve cycles, in my opinion. You can, of course, also play as a marathon healer and sometimes that’s necessary depending on your raid’s healer make-up or the fight.

        So, while spamming PoH isn’t an all-raid-long thing, it can be extremely effective at the right times.

  2. I have a bad habit of mixing up Pain Suppression and Power Infusion, which really brings the LOLs on fights like Baleroc and such. “Did she just Power Infusion the DK?” Yes, yes she did.


    And I can never find the PW: Barrier button, either.

    • I just macro power infusion in with greater heal, and fire off power infusion on myself. It may not be optimal, but at least I’m getting something from it.

  3. Number 4 is why I always put Penance on the same key as Coh. That way it doesn’t matter what spec I am, when I hit the button something is going to happen, not necessarily what I was hoping for but something none the less. Going from Disc to Holy and then PvPing is usually good for a laugh when expecting a Penance, I Coh for a pathetic amount shortly before going splat.

    • I put Penance on the same key as Holy Word: Chastise. This is because Holy Word: Serenity is an instant single target heal kinda LIKE penance.

      • For some reason best not delved into, my Holy Word: Chastise key becomes Power Word: Barrier when I’m Disc. I usually try and have similar spells on the same keybinds, for example across my alts rejuv and renew always share the same key, as do all my dispell buttons but when it came to Chastise/Barrier I failed somewhat.

        • No that makes sense that healing floor would be on the same button as barrier. I have barrier and lolwell bound to the same key (hey they have the same CD, it works mostly).

  4. Hehe, I remember I really used to suck at healing myself some time ago. It’s a lot easier now that I’m just one color among all the other colors in the grid. I am sure that if I knew that it was me I was healing there I’d accidentally fail somehow.

    • I use gridstatusself so that my name shows up as “ME” in green to help me figure out when that person who is about to die is in fact ME. Binding heal FTW.