After reading about Disc being soooo awesome (compared to Holy), I decided to give it a spin.

I ran a few heroics to train my muscle memory to the disc way and avoid the aforementioned holy habits. I reforged my gear to Disc stat priorities.

Then I went to a raid.

In the end, there was no noticeable advantage over Holy.  My numbers were basically the same as last week.  My mana STILL ran out, maybe I had a little more, but it wasn’t dramatic.

Now, you say, maybe I just fail at disc and the only reason that the healing was about the same was because I’m more practiced in Holy.  Looking at the logs, however, I didn’t see any execution or spell choice errors that, if fixed, would pump up my healing.  Grace uptime was good, cooldowns were used, spell choices were appropriate.  (Remember, toward the beginning of Cata, I did raid as disc until we got a full-time disc priest, so this is not foreign stuff to me.  Like riding a bike that has beams of holy light shooting out of it.)

So I reforged my gear back to Holy stat priorities.  However, because I know that I’m going to have to do some disc-ing, I went bare-minimum on haste and dumped the rest into mastery that works for both specs.  I’ll keep an eye out for some “sidegrades” that are better itemized for Disc among the t-11 stuff.

I’m definitely going to keep the Disc spec because, as I understand it, there are some fights that I have not seen yet where disc has an advantage.  Ok, I’ll bite.  But I’m still firmly Holy with a Disc OFF-spec.

Then I tried smiting, but that’s the subject of another post…


A Holy Priest Raiding as Disc — 4 Comments

  1. I never really noticed a difference when I was healing disco to Holy, I do tend to have a little more mana, and single target healing is a lot easier as disco. (Smite and not smiting are two different playstyles, I have noticed that splash atonement healing to the meele or the ranged who are standing near the boss does help a smidge)

    We are certainly happy to have you as holy, the lightwell is my favourite thing ever! 300K ish healing for only a few thousand mana, that can regenerate before a fight even starts? Yes please!

    All in all, What I really want to tell you is that you should be happy with what you are doing,
    and just as some fights favor different dps specs (Think Frost mage to Arcane mage, different warlock specs for different mechanics) Some fights will favor different Healing Specs (Halfus Wyrmbreaker is a fantastic fight for lolSmite Priests). So, do what you love, and be willing to change for some reason if the need may arise!

    • It’s just killin me that Holy scales with Spirit while Disc scales with intellect. So it’s much easier for Disc to improve with current gear (spiritless as it is). It makes me irrationally stabby.