Last week, Wow Insider talked about using audio cues to help you raid.  However, add too many bleeps and blorps, and it just fades into the background.  So here is my handy guide.

When To Add A Sound

In order to prevent sound overload, figure out what things you normally forget, and then add a sound.  If it’s not something you forget, then you don’t need a sound.  Save the blings and beeps for things that are currently giving you problems.

And if, after adding a sound, you still forget it… add a more obnoxious sound.

1.  Something you are not supposed to be standing in.  If it’s something at your feet that you have trouble seeing and you need to get out ASAP, use noises!

2. Low Health.  This is extremely useful.  If you are focused on doing complex aspects of a fight, your health may drop and you might not even notice.  I usually pop a cooldown in response to this audio signal.  This noise can also be extremely annoying on fights where people are routinely kept at low health levels, such as Chimi.

3. Low Mana (or a specified level).  Don’t let OOM catch you off guard.  You might want to set the sound at a certain threshold, such as the mana level at which you want to pop a mana-regen cooldown or alter your rotation to a mana conserve phase.

4. Something that procs.  If something procs rather infrequently, and you need to do something to respond to the proc, a sound may help your reaction time.

5.  Something off cooldown.  Now, this is only if it’s an ability that you absolutely want to use the INSTANT it is off cooldown.  I don’t recommend this for cooldowns that are under a minute long, or it might drive you batty.

6. You pull aggro.  Then, you know to pop an aggro-shedding cooldown.  If you’re not the tank, that is. If you are the tank, you probably want to have a sound if you lose aggro.

Addons to Add a Sound

For shit you should not stand in, see if your boss mod has a setting.  Or get GTFO.  I use both Bigwigs and GTFO to make sure I’m totally aware of shit I should not be standing in.

For low health, low mana, procs, and cooldowns.  I use Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text primarily and Power Auras sometimes.  You can add a sound to a scrolling event on MSBT or to a visual aura on Power Auras.

The one reservation I have about Power Auras is that if you use a “noise when off cooldown”, Power Auras will ping you every time you get into combat because most people only have auras display while in combat.  You get into combat, your aura appears, and you get a PING.  It is quite annoying.  Whereas MSBT will only ping you once your cooldown is up – the disadvantage to that is that you will get pings out of combat when you might not care.

If I recall correctly, you can set up Omen Threat Meters to warn you if you have aggro.


Using Addon Sounds (Sparingly) — 5 Comments

    • Interesting. I need to try that. I already use the regular in-game interface to filter out or lower the volume of the vast majority of game sounds, but I could do without casting noises, I suppose.

  1. This is a good post 😀 I have PA Setup to ding every time Mind Blast is off cooldown (Because I wasn’t using it enough) and yes, it does ding every 6.5 seconds (roughly) but My DPS numbers have been higher.
    I’ve even been ready to hit Mind Blast fractions of seconds before it comes off of cooldown because now I am better at understanding how a “rotation” goes in shadowpriest land
    (Yes, I know it’s a Priorty, but you get some rotation workout in the middle of it at times)

  2. I recommend trying to combine multiple Power Auras for certain cooldowns. On my own PA page or on the Plus Heal UI forum are some good examples. My favorite is a basic ‘reduced mana’ aura which is disabled but controls when my ‘Arcane Torrent off c/d’ aura displays. So I only see/hear the second aura when I’m under 80% mana (set by the first aura).

  3. It’s been that way for a few patches now, but the addon Ingela’s Rapture gives a sound when Rapture is ready. The comment section also gives instructions on how to change the current sound to something else.