Hi everyone!  So, vacation is over… and I have been reading a lot of bloggers who take a break and say “you know, I don’t miss WoW, I like it better without WoW.  So long!”  Well that didn’t happen to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not missing WoW during the vacation.  I didn’t have the shakes or a real desire to play.  I looked at the guild forums once or twice.  But basically I had a nice, solid break, and that was good.

But, when I did get back, I still wanted to play.  It was still fun.  I reconnected with the guild and told them Twig stories from the vacation (the little weasel climbed up on Grandpa’s pool table).

Going away on vacation is completely different than taking a WoW break while at home.  When I have people visiting me, I still have the urge to check in.  I want to make sure raids get off the ground.  I want to talk to people online.  It’s really hard to get away from that.  But while on the road, that draw is not there.  The guild knows we’re out of pocket, and that’s that.

So, yay… I’m catching up on feed reader (since I didn’t even check that while on vacation.  Vacation is srs bzns.) and getting back into that raiding thing.  I’ve been practicing disc so much for Baleroc, I hope I remember how to do the Holy thing.


Taking A Break Did Not Make Me Want To Quit WoW — 3 Comments

  1. I felt the same way when I returned from my vacation. I thought about the game occasionally while I was away, but didn’t feel any great need to log on and play it. By the time I got back, I was looking forward to playing again, and it was still fun.

    Good luck on Baleroc!

  2. You are a better man than me. I just can’t stay away that long from my WoW. It has become part of my life just like Facebook and Twitter has for others.

  3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder in my opinion. I took a 5 month break recently and didn’t think about WoW much at all in that time (maybe twice?). Once I was ready to play again though I got right back into the swing of things as if I had never left.