Our usual heal team consists of 2 priests (a disco priest and me, generally as holy) and a resto druid.  Now, considering that priests are being horribly mistreated in this patch with respect to spirit gear, the other priest and I are both grudgingly grinding VP.

We are a little bitter about it.  And by a little bitter, I mean pretty fucking bitter.  Whenever plate, mail, or leather drops with spirit on it, we gripe.  Whenever someone gets an upgrade and cheerfully announces “Now I won’t have to grind for the VP version”, I die a little inside.  Since VP is our only GOOD option, we are siblings in solidarity or some such nonsense.  It’s easier to put up with bullshit when someone else shares your pain and is putting up with the same bullshit.

We have been pretty much lock-step in getting our VP pieces.  Neither of us caps every week, but we seem to be on the same VP collection schedule.  However, when other priest got his gloves while I was on vacation, and was therefore one piece ahead of me, I was twirling my virtual mustache yelling “CURSES!”  This made me want to grind MOAR VP.  Even though I have my 2 piece bonus and am much more comfortable with my mana and thoroughput, I must have ALL THE THINGS.  I am MOTIVATED, dammit.

How does friendly competition affect your in-game activities, if at all?

(P.S. Laral is a dirty smitey cheater and does not really need the gear.)


Friendly Competition and Misery Loves Company — 4 Comments

  1. Really, I only got the gloves thanks to the holiday weekend plus taking an extra vacation day on Friday. With the extra time, even with people on vacation, we basically got an additional farm night last week, which boosted me up close to the VP cap for the second time since 4.2 was released. And, you’ve done a far better job than I have managed to snagging a few extra runs on an alt to build up to getting the bracers. I think I have a total of just around 300 VP on both of my level 85 alts. :)

    And I totally agree about how much easier it has been to go after VP having another healing priest with similar goals. It also helps in terms of commiseration every time we see some other armor type drop with spirit on it.

    P.S. Did you not see my mana on our last set of Baleroc attempts? I totally need all the spirit gear (all of it!). OK, I guess you can have some, too…

  2. If it makes you feel any better you are at the top of the loot list so if any non-armor piece drops with spirit on it next raid it’s all yours…

  3. Your sweet and sassy post has made me feel a bit ashamed of myself when my competitiveness has trumped good-natured, friendly play. I still wanted that damned orb though.