Previously, I bemoaned the completely silent Pug.  I am reconsidering that.  A completely silent pug would be preferable to some of the things I’m hearing in party chat lately.

Now, the frustrating thing about the dungeon finder, for me, is that you don’t get payout unless you actually finish.  That is, if you’re going for VP.  So there is nothing worse than having to drop group halfway through.  It’s a complete waste of time.

I always have the option of sticking it out, but my conscience and, let’s be honest, downright rage makes me unable to continue on with those assholes.  Kicking the offending player is one option, but if it’s more than one (like they’re in the same guild) you’re sort of screwed.

But, I’ve decided, if they just BROADCAST that they are assholes from the start, it is probably more efficient to just cut my losses, drop group, and do something else until I can requeue.

How do you know that they are assholes?  Here’s the handy list of “warning words and references.”

  • Any reference to genitalia.  I should have known I was in trouble when the tank whispered me that his friend was “jizzing himself” over my gear.  Uh, thanks.  And stay away from my gear with that.
  • The “n” word.  It’s just an auto drop for me right there.  No good can come of that.
  • Spamming, including chat spamming or emote spamming.  Last night, the morons were repeatedly /rolling, cluttering things up so I couldn’t even inform them that I was abandoning them to their own idiocy.
  • “The last healer sucked.”  The last healer probably did not suck.  The last healer probably got fed up with you morons.  Chances are, I will too.
  • “FFS”.  This never fails to point out the asshole.  It’s like required training in asshole school that “FFS” must be appended to any obnoxious statement made.
What are the warning signs for you that your Pug is going to be a problem?


I Should Just Drop Group If I Hear… — 16 Comments

  1. One that immediately sets off a red flag for me is when I zone in and the tank immediately reminds me to “keep up.”

    Also, when we lose a tank and get a new one, I ALWAYS try to tell the new tank where the old one went so he knows it was like, “we kicked the tank because he kept saying BEWBS repeatedly” not “this group is so fail we repel tanks like citronella.”

  2. Oh noes! While I agree with the first 4 on the list wholeheartedly, I must admit I say FFS (not the acronym, but all 3 words) when I get very frustrated with morons who say the first 4 things. Does this mean I’m one of them? I swear I did not go to asshole school to learn the phrase.

    • I think FFS is assholish if.. (1) it’s abbreviated and (2) it’s used in conjunction with a command, that is usually assholish. Example: “Spam Fheal FFS”. No. Fail. Now an exclamation like “holy shit what happened there?” is not the same.

  3. Yeah, I have to agree with all of these. And add in my own point that I get pretty leery of a group when I zone into the middle of combat as a healer. I get that it’s a problem if your healer drops group in the middle of a fight, and ideally you would want to just grab another from the dungeon finder and keep going without a wipe. But the time for another healer to queue and zone in is almost never short enough to save your group from wiping (and also doesn’t account for the potential need for the new healer to swap specs), and zoning into the middle of a wipe usually just means that your new healer will also die and we never enjoy that. Just let the wipe happen and THEN requeue at the entrance, and please wait for the new healer to zone in, change specs if needed, eat/drink, buff the party, etc. BEFORE you pull the next trash or boss…please!

    Granted, if the party is just replacing a DPS, even I have been guilty of clicking that requeue button while we’re in the middle of a fight. I should probably stop doing that, as the most recent occurrence resulted in the death of the poor surprised death knight that got zoned right into the middle of some massive aoe abilities from a trash pack. :(

    So, maybe just best to not requeue at all until things have settled and you are in between pulls. Yeah, that sounds good.

  4. “What are the warning signs for you that your Pug is going to be a problem?”

    Usually, when my group is filled with my guildmates. Actually I cringe when they’re occupied or not online and I have to PUG all by my lonesome.

    Some other indicators:

    – someone – who isn’t a worgen – is skinning
    – someone wants someone to loot so they can skin
    – DPS tunnels when they’re supposed to switch targets
    – I’m the only one in the group making an effort to interrupt (Scatter Shot and Intimidation only go so far you know…) or slow up mobs
    – I take agro from the tank on the pull even with Misdirect up
    – my pet takes agro from the tank (Growl off, Cower on)
    – top DPS (aside from me, usually around 20k) is 8k and he’s complaining the tank sucks
    – I’m added into a group that is mostly from one guild and all of the above apply

    I find the quality of PUGs in the regular heroics has gone down A LOT recently. I’m usually patience, but when I have to pull out my Turtle pet to tank heroic DM because the tank can’t hold agro, won’t listen to advance (I didn’t append FFS to any of my advice) and continually does things that wipes the party… yeah, I’m going to drop group.

    • “I find the quality of PUGs in the regular heroics has gone down A LOT recently.”

      No kidding. When 4.2 dropped, the good people were grinding VPs, so they were back into the heroic pool. But now, many of the “good” people already have all their VP stuff and have left the heroic scene.

    • What is wrong with skinning? I think it’s a bad sign if someone is in too big of a rush to let the others loot/skin. Unless we’re in ZA doing a bear run or something.

      I’ll raise my hand and admit I ALWAYS skin. I’m not interested in leaving money on the ground when the price I pay is half a second clicking. And if you were in my group and thought I was a bad because of it, I’d call you an asshole.

  5. ITA about the N word being auto drop. I was healing a pug that had 3 people from the same guild. For some reason they decided to boot the non-guildie dps and used the N word as the “reason”. I dropped and submitted a ticket to a GM for the first time. It still disgusts me.

  6. We had a healer in my raid group who was a chat spammer. It was insanely annoying. I had to ignore her, and that’s not good, doesn’t promote good healing communication and all that. I am guessing she had some mental issue though, getting her to stop was impossible…