For a long time, and I’ve lost count at this point, we were banging our heads against bosses in FL and grinding the crap out of VP in order to actually be able to defeat them.  This week, we trounced them, despite some huge errors (I totally effed up my Baleroc stacks, which would have caused a certain wipe last week, and flat-out DIED on Alys).

So I’m left with 2 logical principles (I won’t belabor this since other people have done a more thorough analysis.)

1. If Firelands were incorrectly tuned from the start, why the fuck did it take so long to realize it and tone it down?  I mean, you couldn’t tell this 2 weeks in?  A month in?

2. If Firelands were correctly tuned from the start, why the fuck is this nerf so big?  It’s not like 4.3 is coming tomorrow and everyone must see the content this week zomg.  In theory, smaller tweaks would help struggling guilds “get over the hump” without just handing us the loot and sauntering off.  Usually they nerf the crap out of content when it’s no longer significant, not when it’s still the central show in town.

That is all.  Carry on.


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  1. Yes?

    We didn’t get Rag down last night but killed Domo ridiculously easily. I think we were letting him get to 12 points of adren in scorp form. Had scorp twice, cat once and he died.

    Rag was still problematic with dealing with the phase 2 transition. Admittedly, we’re getting more people surviving, but still having issues preventing targets (usually one) from getting to the hammer.

    We did have to PUG three/ten spots with two of those being tank positions. 😐 Oh and one of the healers was a recruit.

  2. The nerfs are pretty insane. We had Shannox hc on farm before the nerfs and had just managed to kill Rhyolith after a few weeks of wiping. Then the first 2 days after the nerf we killed 6/7 bosses on heroic. Two of those (Baleroc and Alysrazor) we’d never even attempted on heroic before, yet they only took about 8 tries each. It feels like they overshot their goal and a progressive nerf would have been more appropriate.

  3. It’s a bad state when fight mechanics aren’t even really required to beat a fight. :( Re: messing up your Baleroc stacks – considering that’s the ENTIRE BASIS of the fight, that says a lot to how heavily it was nerfed. And Alys has been pretty bad from what I’ve heard from people – some guilds end up standing around with hatchlings dead, just waiting for Alys to start up the tornado phase. So lame.

    I really don’t get why they went massive buff all at once, instead of a series of incremental buffs. Is there REALLY a significant WoW demographic who are thrilled about these changes? :\

    • I should add that it was NOT a banner Baleroc attempt, stacks notwithstanding. I saw at one point a DPS with 3 stacks of Tormented, and the DPS did not die. So basically everyone effed up their respective jobs (a little) and it still turned out ok.

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  5. These nerfs are sad, really. When 2 disco priests can *easily* heal through Alys (It was super early when you died) and we still win.. that’s boring. It was a little more challenging to heal.. but not hard like 2 healing Baleroc before the nerf… WTB less buffs Blizzard please.

    • You forgot Ash, not only did we lose our raid healer early, but I was DCed for the second time we went through phase 1, which meant we had lost an interrupter so the druids were getting off fieroblasts before they died to the other ground DPS. At least I got back just in time for the cyclones and to pop hero during her napping phase.

  6. Sure, the nerf in Firelands is huge. But Ragnaros still demands some work if you didn’t kill him before. And the bright side if these nerfs is that you can do something else. Last week we went back to BoT as we had a couple hours left after Ragnaros and killed our first hard mode of the extension :) (Sure it was Halfus but still, it’s a nice change)

    It’s also a good time if some of you want to get better. We just recruited an disc priest that needs to improve, these easy runs are a great opportunity for that.

    I’m mostly happy with these nerfs because Ragnaros would have been very (very) hard without those nerfs, and being able to kill farm bosses faster is mostly a good new for me. Maybe I wouldn’t be so enthousiastic if one of our healer hadn’t just switch to tanking because having the choice between healing and be bored to death or playing a dps spec you don’t enjoy isn’t very appealing, but as we’re down to 2 healers the nerfed bosses aren’t that boring.